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Why are you selling when your customers could do it for you?

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Business For Punks
James Watt
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Today consumers are so sophisticated and smart that when selling something that isn’t perfect or necessary for the clients needs, can be a real pain in the arse. Consumers have access to endless sources of information and variety of products. They know what they want, need and have access to.

So it is very crucial that the product or service you are providing is chopped, tuned and ready to roll. If you have a brilliant product that some people absolutely love and it makes them arroused, you can almost forget about selling it yourself. The people you have made the happiest customers in the world will do it for you. This how James Watt the Co-Founder of BrewDog explains it in his book Business for Punks “In a shrinking world built on global connectivity, information flow and social-media overload you’d be amazed how your product will fast-track itself, if, and this is pretty massive if, it is good enough. If you do something remarkable, all the right people will find out about it faster than you can imagine. And they will come to you.”


How to make an awesome product or service?

So instead of pimping your sales pimp your product or service. At Proakatemia where I’m studying we are constantly being reminded by our coaches to validate our ideas and James Watt doesn’t disagree. Get close to the action and test your product with your potential clients then fine tune it and repeat. The faster you can do this the better.




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