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What is your passion?

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I think now days what the people is telling us more is that you need to follow your passion. That is not a new thing, but maybe it has grown more on this decade. This might come from my school because our hashtag is #dreamschool. Never the less, when you are building your career it is inevitable not to cross that “Follow your passion” or “find your passion”.


But why it is so hard then? I have struggled with fields where I could go after school. I have tried producing, event management etc. All of those interests me, but still it doesn’t feel like that I am passioned about those. That I know that I am really passioned about leading and teamwork. This autumn I have been assistant coach of Proakatemia and I have never felt so motivated in my life. Feels like little thing I do just boosts me with power to do more. Feels awesome I have to tell you. Still I have wondered why any field won’t give me the same feeling?


I came a cross  this article on Harvard Business Review that why is it so hard to follow your passion. There is three things why.


  1. Passion is not something one finds, but rather, it is something to be developed.
  2. It is challenging to pursue your passion, especially as it wanes over time.
  3. Passion can also lead us astray, and it is therefore important to recognize its limits.


Passion is something that is to discovered. That you can develop it in your job. And to think more what are you passioned about? For I myself am passioned about leading. So what leading is? Helping others succeed and taking responsibility. That is why I am so excited about my work now. because I get to think about how to develop our school better for everyone and how everybody can succeed easier. That is my passion. Also teamwork is one of my passion too and when I am thinking how to develop our school. It is not only me thinking. I have the board of Proakatemia with me figuring out the same things with me. Also together we are developing our team of directors to succeed better. That everybody can succeed.


I have wondered why I cannot find anything that I feel like a passion in different fields. Why some fields feels like little bit boring or something like that. At that time I haven’t work in a team or as a leader. And that is why I haven’t felt really passioned towards the job. Because I am missing the two things at that time that I am passioned about. Leadership and teamwork. The best thing about these two are that I can you these almost any field on earth. I can make any job my passion in the future.





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