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User-Generated content (UGC)

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UGC Creator 


  • What is UGC? 

User-generated content is an organic, brand exclusive way of content creation through consumers who generally post it to some form of social media. It can come in various media types, for example: podcasts, testimonials, reels, photos, etc. UGC creators focus on original, real life content, capturing products and services in their most realistic form. Companies and brands are usually very pro when it comes to UGC creators, because it makes their brands look more authentic to their target audience. 


  • What is the difference between UGC and a normal influencer? 
    • Influencer:

Influencers are individuals who center their posts around brands with whom they have collaborations, paid partnerships, sponsors, etc. The content influencers create is usually displayed on their personal profiles and then shared to brand profiles depending on the contract between them. Content ownership is a gray area between influencers and brands, and clear guidelines need to be stated within their contracts. Influencers also have to go through a process reviewing brand guidelines, including FTC disclosures. 

  • UGC creator:

UGC creators are all about creating content that displays brands in a more organic and original way. Content produced by UCG creators are most of 

Time not displayed on their personal profiles, but agreed upon to be shared on brand profiles. The compensation between UGC creators and brands often revolves around brands being allowed to use the content produced by the creator as their own, FTC guidelines are also determined between creators and the brand beforehand. 


The main difference between these two types of content creators is the fact that influencers share their content on their personal profiles while UGC creators usually share it on companies’ profiles. 


  1. Reasons why UGC creators are successful:

UGC is a new way of embracing interaction between brands and customers in an authentic, organic way, enhancing trust within the brand’s audience. It promotes a better understanding between the brand and their customers, with a modern two way communication street between the UGC creators and the brand itself. Consumers are connected in ways they haven’t been before and their interaction drives big strategic decisions for brands. Studies have found that 85% of consumers are more attracted to User-generated content than content created by influencers.


A few reasons why UGC creators can be deemed to be so successful are: 

  • UGC promotes authenticity

The modern-day consumer finds brand authenticity much more valuable than a brand trying to look too professional. The idea of UGC is for customers to relate to normal everyday consumers when it comes to using their products, it enhances relatability and interactiveness between the creator and the consumer. With the release of the iPhone 6, Apple started the trend #ShotOniPhone6, from which they chose 6 ordinary consumers’ content captured and displayed them on billboards worldwide. This campaign caused an estimation of 6.5million media interactions and also resulted in 95% positive reviews. Consumers of Apple stated that they could personally relate to these pictures much more than professional photographers captured shots. 

  • UGC is more trackable

There are well designed, ready made softwares integrated into social media platforms that can helps brands to track their UGC creators. These softwares can help track which User-generated content attracting bigger audiences and also from which channels. 

  • UGC is budget friendly

With unpaid UGC creators, customers promote brands naturally and with zero cost. Of course paid UGC creators also do exist, but their rates are usually not ridiculously high either. 


  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, UGC creators differ a little bit from your everyday influencers, but they result in many positives both for brands and for consumers.


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