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Unveiling Finland’s Digital Marketing Landscape: Insights and Strategies for Success in a New Team

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Success in the ever-changing field of digital marketing depends on constant learning and adaptation. In order to remain competitive, people and organisations need to continuously improve their strategies due to the rapid change in technology and customer behaviour. A useful strategy for negotiating this challenging terrain is team-based learning. Teams can optimise their potential for growth and innovation in digital marketing by utilising the varied skills, viewpoints, and experiences of a cooperative group.

This year, we launched our team business, therefore, I believe it’s crucial that we educate ourselves on digital marketing. However, I was going through a lot, and the marketing culture in Finland is a little bit different. Permit me to share my quite distinct findings with all of you.


Digital marketing encompasses more than just a couple of tools or even platforms; it involves understanding consumer behavior, data-driven decision marketing, and algorithms. This thesis examines the intricate world of marketing and sheds light on the strategies and challenges faced by companies. Some case studies of successful businesses have a broader understanding of marketing and dominate the world.

Ultimately, this study contributes to a broader understanding of valuable resources to understand Finland’s market.

With over six years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, I have developed a keen interest in researching how Finnish businesses operate and utilize marketing strategies to maximize their exposure. This research aims to provide a comprehensive analysis that can serve as a valuable resource for our class when we later form team companies.

Before delving into the main topic, it is essential to establish a foundational understanding of digital marketing and its introduction to the field.

With internet access and usage continually on the rise, encompassing a global user base exceeding a billion, digital marketing has evolved into the cornerstone of modern marketing (Chaffey & Smith, 2013, pp. 4-5). This transformational power of digital marketing is far more than just another marketing channel; it lies at the heart of contemporary marketing strategies.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is called online marketing, which refers to marketing strategic efforts that occur on the Internet. Businesses use digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other ways of marketing to connect with current and prospective audiences.

This includes several other marketing methods. But, in my definition that I understand “Digital Marketing is a device-based marketing way to connect through all the digital channels to sale product or services”

Understanding Finnish Consumer Behaviour

If you want to start your marketing journey in Finland, you have to understand that Finns do not buy products or services in the same way as other Nordic countries do. Approximately 55% of Finns buy from mobile devices, and the most active buyers are in the 25-40 age group.

People above 40 years of age have difficulty buying products digitally. This does not mean that the digital channel does not work, but before diving into marketing and making strategies, we have to remember our audience’s behavior to set and adjust campaign goals from our businesses.  You can then find the right channels to target the proper audience.

Building Trust in the Finnish Market as a New Team

Fin people consume many national media channels and various formats of content produced by them.  If you start with a newspaper, it is a regular activity, and over 90% of young and old people read it.  In addition, a large number of people read newspapers digitally.

I have read from “Advertising Finland” that many Finnish people read news directly from the news website rather than redirecting it from other websites. Finnish people also listen to the radio, which is a great marketing method.

In digital marketing, people are strongly encouraged to consider other media where they are active. Proper research on where and how fins consume content and what media companies they trust are key factors. It is recommended for the business not to put money in channels where the output is zero.


Types of Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing there are many ways in Finland and as well as in the world, there are many types

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online PR and Reputation Management
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing
  • Chatbots and AI-Driven Marketing

It depends on the business and marketing stage how they choose which platform will work for them. We then focused on these platforms to obtain data-driven results.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy to enlist content or optimize content in a way that will help Google rank content accordingly. Google algorithms decide after scraping the whole content to understand which keyword should be used to rank the article.  However, for businesses in Finland, there are some challenges in performing SEO.


SEO Challenges in Finland and How to Master Them.

Challenge 01: Finnish is a language with many suffixes. This is something you should definitely know.  When in English we write “In the car,” this is just one word for finnish people which is “ Autossa” The letter in doesn’t real-ly exist or most of the preposition. When you want to rank or optimize a text to rank on Google, Google often sees different formats of words as different words, If you want to target the whole keyword you have to get every suffix of the word that represents in the text.  For this reason, it is very difficult to rank Finnish words as Google keywords. Google is still learning new Finnish words. To overcome this, one can only use the most searched suf-fix and the relevant suf-fix and target them.
Challenge 02: In Finland, the keyword ‘autovakuutus’ is a significant term with 5,400 monthly searches. To provide a comparison, “bilförsäkring” sees 33,100 monthly searches in Sweden, while “car insurance” garners substantial 550,000 monthly searches in the UK. To overcome this, you can try to find as many as long- tail keyword that you want. Try to be on top three searches because these gets the most traffic

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing revolution was not something that had been introduced before. In this era of digitalization, most people go to social media to connect with others. This has been a way to solve basic problems or find products or services that solve a problem.

When launching their social media marketing efforts, companies typically commence with a clean slate devoid of any pre-existing strategies or customer-engagement plans. Inaugural blog posts and initial Facebook updates are often the most challenging ones to create. Thus, thorough background research and meticulous planning are essential prerequisites before embarking on a content-sharing journey (Leino 2011).


  • Most businesses in Finland go through these questions before getting the product on social media
  • Looking at the competitor. Read blogs and do complete research on the competitor’s brand to get an idea of what is working for them.
  • Asking this question: Do our customers use social media, and if so, how often?
  • Research which social media sites they would love to get offers and promotional posts.
  • Definitely testing the strategy and adhering to the strategy that works better for them.
  • Listening to customer feedback and making the campaign easier to understand (using Finnish) so that people can relate. This is known as an understanding of the comfort zone of an audience.


These are crucial components of digital marketing, and allow me to explain why they are crucial for the launch of a new team business.

Collaborative Environment: Through team-based learning, participants can exchange knowledge, ideas, and insights in a collaborative setting. Teams can come up with innovative solutions to marketing issues by brainstorming and communicating openly.

Skill Development: Members of a team have the chance to pick up new abilities and learn from one another. Team-based learning fosters ongoing improvement, whether it be in the form of perfecting email marketing tactics or SEO procedures.

Problem-Solving Skills: Unexpected difficulties are a common part of digital marketing. By handling real-world issues together, team-based learning fosters the development of strong problem-solving ability in participants. Teams can overcome challenges and adjust to shifting trends by working together and exercising critical thinking.


While writing this essay, I have acquired significant insights into the Finnish business culture for my own team tremia. I can confidently assert that my experience has been highly beneficial, and I am convinced that others who read this essay will similarly appreciate the cultural nuances of Finland. This essay examines the crucial role of digital marketing in the Finnish market, with a particular focus on its relevance and significance in the context of the country’s business landscape. Drawing from my extensive experience in the field and my deep interest in understanding the digital marketing trends in Finland, this piece explores the ever-evolving nature of digital marketing and its impact on business success. It delves into the unique challenges that Finnish businesses face, such as language-related complexities and the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, data-driven decision-making, and the role of algorithms.


The central theme of this essay is the evolution of digital marketing as the cornerstone of contemporary marketing strategies. In an age of rapid technological advancements and the widespread access to the internet, the significance of digital marketing on business success is more pronounced than ever before. The essay highlights the challenges faced by businesses operating in Finland, while offering practical strategies to overcome these obstacles.


Furthermore, the essay provides a comprehensive overview of various digital marketing strategies that companies can employ to suit their specific objectives and target audiences. It delves into the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) and the unique challenges posed by the Finnish language, as well as the role of social media marketing in connecting with Finnish consumers in the digital world.




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