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Think and grow rich

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This book gives a review of necessary elements to becoming riches. Napelon Hill is an author who wrote this book in search of ‘Whys’ on how to become rich. He has interviewed hundreds of rich men on how they become wealthy. He talks about characters such as Henri Ford and Tomas Edison, he reveals their thinking Styles of these Mans and their beliefs on perseverance and Discipline.

In this book, the desire is introduced as the most important factor that leads people to riches. The determination on setting and following the goal is directly effected by your desire. It is also important that one knows what he or she really wants to do and believe in it on every step. 

The next step in the book is called the development of faith through being open-minded and a level of self-confidence to believe in yourself that you can achieve what you set for yourself. Each of us has a worldview and that is where faith comes from. Most of the Philosophers and Scientists described the worldview very well, although they might not have agreed on a specific view, but they definitely have a definition of it, what is your definition?  

One element for achieving the goal is setting a plan, although a plan may change during the time, but the book will talk about carry on the plan immediately, even if you feel like you are not ready or you do not have all the resources. Perhaps this is a fact that most people struggle with and can be considered as procrastination.

Specialized knowledge is a Cornerstone in achieving the goal, but applying the knowledge is something different from gaining the knowledge. On that note, the cost of gaining knowledge nowadays is almost free all around the globe or at least in most of the world. However, gaining and using the type of knowledge that you need is a skill.

The source of the knowledge could be from the book, university or even a group of people who you are dealing with. Therefore ideas can come through knowledge, imagination and creativity and need to be planned precisely.

Finally, yet importantly, the power of your peer group is something that you can not eliminate. Finding right people who are like-minded and determined to achieve goals, is a necessary element. In this case, a good leader or manager can always bring together a handful of skillful people who are willing to put plans into actions.

Personally, there are a lots of points that I learned from this book, specially when it comes to carry on the plan and making decision to choose an option. The determination behind the decision is something that resonate a lot here and it certainly is a big part of self discipline that I am searching for.

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    I would like you to expand this blog little bit further. I think there is some interesting thinking but you should definately dig it more deeper. Expand these ideas and reflect them more.

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