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The universe will support you when you truly desire something

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The power of the subconscious mind
Joseph Murphy
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Over the past year, the question I’ve encountered most frequently is: “Why embark on studying abroad at the age of 30, when your career and life are already so comfortable and stable?” I’d smile and offer a few of the myriad reasons that led me to this choice. But deep down, I understand it’s because I nurtured a dream seed, and now it’s blossomed into reality.

To begin, in 2012, I made the proud decision to prioritize motherhood over a career by having a baby and dedicating myself to being a full-time mother. I’ve watched my daughter flourish, becoming not just my confidant but also my best friend, seeing me as her inspirational role model. With a passion for education, I pursued and completed a College course in Early Childhood Education, gaining nearly 4 years of experience in an educational setting before I decided to study abroad.

Through my work experiences, I witnessed firsthand the stark realities of education in my home country – it prioritized profit over people, neglecting the fundamental needs of learners. Education was driven by profit, not by a genuine concern for individuals. Instead of focusing on students or their well-being, the system prioritized marketing. Many parents, myself included, paid exorbitant tuition fees, yet their children lacked even the most necessities. Taking a radical step that garnered little support in my country, I chose to halt my daughter’s traditional schooling and embrace homeschooling, an unapproved form of education in Vietnam. My goal at that time was to take my child abroad for education, and I aspired to accompany her in this journey. I seek an educational environment that promotes liberal values, where all learners are treated equally, irrespective of their background or possessions. My desire was for my daughter to study abroad soon, and I yearned to join her in this endeavor.

On the other hand, during the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone in my country had to stay at home. With ample time on my hands, I took the opportunity to reflect inwardly and focus on personal growth. This period proved instrumental in my development, allowing me to mature rapidly and unexpectedly. I feel like I’ve grown up ten years even though I’ve done nothing but only focused on myself and my family. It was during this time that I gained clarity on the values I hold dear and recognized the source of my discontent – I yearned for alignment with my core values. I desire to come a place where the values align with my own.

Also at this time, I remembered a lot of things. Firstly, my old dream of studying abroad, but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have enough money, and I forgot about it. Secondly, I recalled the time when my daughter turned two. While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a woman studying in Australia at 34. I admired her and felt inspired to study abroad once more. However, I realized the need to prioritize saving for my children’s future tuition fees, so I set aside this dream for the time being. Additionally, I recalled the period when my child began attending preschool, allowing me to concentrate on earning money and advancing my career, causing me to forget about my dream. Reflecting on it now, it seems amusing how I desired to study abroad when I lacked the funds, and yet, when I had the means, I overlooked this ambition. Thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown, I had the opportunity to revisit my dream, reigniting my desire to study abroad once more.

After Covid-19, as life gradually returned to its usual rhythm, I focused more on myself and my family. Despite the stability, I felt bored, a little insecure and wanted to get away from it. I decided to leave the familiar place to go to a place far away, completely new in terms of culture, language, climate, cuisine, lifestyle…, where there are values that I belong to. While many may deem this choice as unconventional, for me, it felt revitalizing, akin to a rebirth. Each day brought new experiences, challenges, and growth, infusing my life with excitement and a sense of maturation. Could it be that challenges catalyze a more vibrant and fulfilling life?

In September 2022, I firmly decided to leave Vietnam, set my sights on studying abroad by 2023. How could I have studied abroad when, after 18 years of learning English, my proficiency remained at level A2? I couldn’t even converse or introduce myself in English. I knew that mastering English was my top priority, and I set a goal to achieve an IELTS certificate by the end of 2022, aiming for fluency comparable to my Cantonese proficiency. Immediately after setting this goal, I registered for the IELTS exam and dedicated three months solely to its preparation. As anticipated, I succeeded in achieving my desired score, obtained the expected English certificate, enabling me to communicate using English for the first time. Subsequently, as I had aimed, I successfully passed TAMK’s entrance exam, and now I find myself at Proakatemia, composing this article at this very moment, in English.

Slowly but steadily, I’ve transformed my dream into a tangible reality.

At this moment, reflecting on my journey thus far, I just smile and feel a touch of magic. My smile is proof that I am happy when I achieve my dreams and goals. And there’s a magical feeling knowing how my childhood aspirations are mysteriously intertwined with the ongoing events in my life, influenced by my experiences and perceptions at every stage. These aspirations may have been forgotten at times, but they have ultimately come to fruition.

I offer you these words of encouragement:

“Go, and you will Arrive;

Seek, and you will Discover;

Desire, you will Receive.”

May you always maintain your determination in setting your goals and finding the path to achieve them!

In my journey towards peace, freedom, and happiness, I'm driven by the joy of spreading these values to those around me. Every day, I strive to exceed my previous accomplishments by just 1%. When faced with challenges, I choose to see the bright side, recognizing the strengths of every individual I encounter. Embracing diversity, I firmly believe that our differences are what make our world truly beautiful.

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