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The things you need to have to create a successful company

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I believe that starting a successful business in Finland requires something unique. You can’t just be another restaurants among the millions. You do not perhaps have to have the “full package” but you do need something which makes you stand out. This applies to all industries, no matter whether your business is a restaurant, marketing company or a gym.

I’ll now list you some mandatory “basic” requirements which you better be covering.

Here we go: quality social media pages, by this I mean having a structured plan of what to post (projects made for customers, customers feedback, companies vibe & objectives/goals etc) and not posting just for posting – it has to have a purpose and it has to give the viewer value because it just might turn up as a sale.

Good networking (you have to have connections in your area of business or you are doomed),

Curiousness (if you don’t know or can’t do something, you should go and find out for yourself. This way you can improve significantly and save tons of money when you don’t need to hire outsiders for do the job),

Love/passion for the business (you have to be emotionally invested into the line of work you’re doing but not emotionally for the job itself) Read that again.

Last but not least, money intelligence (there’s couple of ways how you can kill your business if you don’t know how to deal with its spendings) 1. Savings – you always need to keep a “bumper” for times of unfortune. 2. Stashing the money– this is what you never ever should do, you don’t want the money to just lay around doing nothing. Which leads me into number 3. Invest money back into your company– This is crucial when wanting to grow your business. 4. Taking risks – Sometimes you need to take risks, CALCULATED RISKS. You’ll miss out on so many great opportunities if you play it safe and stay where it’s comfortable. Usually you only regret the things you didn’t do, not the ones you did. This applies to businesses as well.

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