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The Proakatemia BINGO game

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During the summer as I was preparing for the coming year as a community leader, I anxiously looked at all the aspects I wanted to touch on. I quickly saw that not everything can be dealt with, at least not efficiently and in a serious manner. I looked at the new konttori system, the strategies that we finalized last semester, and the overall attitudes that could be observed in the past year in Proakatemia.  This is how the idea and later on the actual Proakatemia bingo game was born.

When creating the tasks for the game, I wanted to make sure that they were easy enough to complete, but challenging enough to complete 5 of them. I was (still am) planning for them to take about 1 semester.

Coming up with the tasks was difficult, but fairly quick. The biggest challenge was putting them in the right spots, so tasks from the same categories are preferably not in the same row, column or across. After I finalized the card, I just needed to write down the rules of the game. I wanted to activate the konttoris to work together so the rules made the game into a friendly competition between the konttoris, rather than the teams.

The game:

The rules of the game:

  1. Every team gets the bingo card in the kunniakuja and the game starts then. All tasks
    need to be followed from there on out, eg. 10 000€ starting then.
  2. Although the BINGO cards are separate for the teams, the winner will be one of the
    konttoris. The game ends when at least 2 out of 3 teams in the konttori have gotten
    bingo. This means that the teams in the konttoris can support each others
  3. The BINGO card is available both digitally and physically. The physical one is passed
    out in A5 form and needs to be put in a visible location of each teams’ team space,
    (such as team’s table or wall). When a team completes one of the squares, it needs to
    be marked as soon as possible. The digital version can be checked from Teams, after
    the kunniakauja. The digital version is just there for information and do not need to be
  4. When a team gets 5 squares completed in a row, column, or across, they need to shout
    BINGO! both in real life and in the comment of the digital bingo card. ?
  5. In the case of a BINGO the teams are asked to present the squares they completed and
    evidence of the completion to the community leader. So take pictures and have your
    data available ?
  6. The winning konttori will get a small prize and all the glory. It would be nice if every
    team could offer some prizes so the pile can get bigger for the winners.
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