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The power of self discipline

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I think this book is great for creating a daily discipline, Brian tracy the author of Power of self-discipline provides multiple tips in order to live a life of success. As it is mentioned in the book there is nothing such as a shortcut but all there is only hard work to master your craft. Discipline brings by itself a level of characteristic that lead to success.

Every person has number of limiting factors that stops him to achieve his goals, therefore identifying the key constraints is crucial in reaching success. In my perspective, the constraints can be external or internal, the external constraints are usually the function of the environment, in another world the time and location that you are living might be limited to constraints, however as it is mentioned in this book only few percentage of constraints are from environment while the big portion of constraint are coming from our habits. Therefore it is keystone to be able to understand your own constraints and one way to do that is to ask yourself: ‘what is the one important goal that can effect my life the most and what is stopping me to achieve it? ’

Take the responsibility and put the pressure on yourself for doing all necessary tasks. Although this might come a little strong to adapt to, but this is all about you and how much you can push yourself further. For instance, setting deadlines for the tasks might be productive for some people but at the same time, it might impose stress to some other people. The sense of emergency might really cause severe stress for some people, however some people appreciate being in an emergency mood in order to get the task done. Starting from low to high always can develop a habit to become more effective. Perhaps, this is something for everyone to set the pressure and raise their standard by their own pace. And effective people willing to expect more of themselves day by day.

Having positive attitude and feeling positive emotion is constructive in any situation, optimist people always search for good, solutions and lessons in any circumstance.

One of the method that I personally like is the idea of chunking down big task to smaller tasks and doing it over larger period of time, therefore the task might seem more feasible to do once it is smaller chunks. However, the drawback of this method might be spending more time as you are getting it done over several weeks in comparison with highly focused people who can get the same task done in several hours or day in row.

Upgrade your skill and learn continuously in your field, therefore you might ask yourself what skill do you need to accomplish a major goal or task and go to learn it and apply it immediately. I think the role of learning can be applied in any field and perhaps there is no limit for it. Learning is a continuous process, specially at this era where the knowledge are in the fast process of upgrading.


I think in comparison with a lot of books which are abstract and too complicated to understand, this book is written fluently and simple, it is easy to understand and it is practical. Maybe one of the reasons that the book is direct the point is because Brian tracy has been a professional sales man. I recommend this book to all people who like to be hardworking.




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