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Team Kaaos 2nd mökkipaja

Kirjoittanut: Emilia Laakso - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Team Kaaos 2nd Mökkipaja

Our team Kaaos had our 2nd mökkipaja on the 20-21.11 in Ikaalinen Kauppilan matkailutila. We stayed there for only one night which was very much enough since our last mökkipaja was 2 nights and almost three full days…(a bit much for the first time ). This mökkipaja I enjoyed this way more than the last one since there were fewer of our team members than the last time and it felt more intimate. We went through our learning contracts it was very chill since almost all our team members just started talking from their hearts and I got to know all of our members better. This mökkipaja was much more chill, also our coach was sick but he joined online only for the learning contracts so we had a coachless mökkipaja but we wish our coach would’ve been there. Overall, this mökkipaja was more enjoyable than the last one and there was more bonding between team members.

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