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SDG Gender equality

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Gender Equality 

Society everyone has the right to lead their life without any discrimination, gender equality is an issue I feel strongly about because of its pre-valance in today’s world. There are a lot of suggestions in society that men and women should be engaged in different activities, wear different clothing and possess different motivations. Although we may not think of gender equality is affecting us as teens is actually an incredibly important topic that impacts all of everyone. I strongly believe that all people regardless of gender should be treated as equals. Nobody is better than the other, we are all special and should be treated as such and societies. 

Everyone should be considered to be equal no matter their gender, color, or profession status, but the most probable discrimination is gender inequality. 

When we think of gender inequality the first thing that comes to our minds tends to be 1 million miles away. Maybe its girls being denied education or young woman being married off before they even turn 18, personally I feel like what makes a woman unequal to a man is that women are considered to be a burden by many family members, and they are not provided with the same rights that men can enjoy in society. “Around the world, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. In the developing world, 1 in 7 girls is married before her 15th birthday, with some child brides as young as 8 or 9. Each year more than 287,000 women, 99 percent of them in developing countries, die from pregnancy- and childbirth-related complications” (Edmonds, 2013). 


I think the truth is gender equality affects society as a whole. In my opinion gender equality is very important because without gender equality the whole world will have jobs for men and jobs for a woman. A lot of offices have been dominated by males because people considered that women are going to leave their jobs at some point for marriage or pregnancy that affects woman’s job hunting. But in my opinion, it’s good that men/fathers are now able to take paternity leave since it enables men to spend more time with their children and the families to take responsibility according to their preferences and situation in life.  

Women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men. We have less access to higher and basic education, better health and safety risks. If we all said that I only want a male doctor, that is very rude, or I only want a male builder. That happens because people thought that women weren’t as strong as men. When we ignore half of the world on the way to potential, we ultimately hurt ourselves as a species. Well of course as a woman might not be similar to men in terms of physical strength but we still do have the same brain and organs to function. I strongly feel that gender discrimination leads to problems in education since it is the key to growth for humans no matter what gender a person is they have the right to expose to education just like any other Women are also changing society by running their own companies, traveling to space, making everyone proud. When women and girls are educated poverty is reduced, personal health is promoted, and the well-being of all people is encouraged.  Are a lot of things that men can do that women can’t then there are a lot of things that a woman can do, and men can’t, the best example is giving a new life. (UN Women, 2018) 

What I have researched and seen a lot of is that Woman have HIV/AIDS and it has become a huge issue for a woman the reason to this can be related to woman having less opportunities for health education and unequal power and sexual partnership. 

 This matters because we ignore half of the world innovate of potential, we alternately hurt ourselves as species, when women and girls are educated poverty is reduced, personal health is promoted, and the well-being of all people is encouraged. 

Many people do not support feminism because they think it implies that women are better than men but in reality, it is just about equality. Some believe that women should not have as many career opportunities because they may leave the workforce to have children. 

As far as I’m concerned, gender inequality as I have already mentioned is a huge issue and it is faith in many countries, but the media is one of the areas affected by gender equality in a strong way. As we all know, the media is the main source of information for people worldwide. The media basically acts as a message and a messenger. Gender inequality is an issue that has an impact on both genders, but as mentioned, women are most affected. The media is a great tool to push justice and get more discrimination into the Society. 

I think that the main issue being discussed is the fact that women are not being treated with the same status as men even though society shows a fake facade that they are. The reality is even from when we set equality rights till now, women have been struggling with the little things such as getting their thoughts heard at a meeting to getting heavily underpaid compared to men. The hardships they have been through are just not fair. Lot of talk happens saying women are the power and promoting women but at the end of the day, most of the men are making the executive decision, and that needs to end. (UN Women, 2018) 

In conclusion, each individual, regardless of his/her gender, has a big role that they have to play in our society. Gender inequality is obviously a very urgent problem in the world. It has decreased a lot but still exists and it has a lot of people suffering consequences every day. There are a lot of reasons leading to gender discrimination/gender inequality and the reasons cannot be solved easily but with education and a lot of progressive thinking, there are reasons to trust that in the future all of this gender inequality can be stopped. Hopefully someday everyone can live in fairness no matter what gender they are. It’s important to promote common values meaning respect for human rights and equality between women and men. 











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