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Reflection essay: creating a portfolio for fun

Kirjoittanut: Doneé Barendze - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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Since it has come to that time of the year where many of us run out of essay ideas and topics to write about, I decided to play around with some less traditional ways of writing essays and decided to turn it into a creative project. I created a portfolio for myself, not necessarily because I am in desperate need of one, but more because I was interested in understanding the process of portfolio creation, which I will summarize within this reflection essay. 


I made a very basic choice when it came to what to present in the portfolio and went with content creation and freelance writing. The content is mainly based on photos I have taken during the past 3 years and the content niche is based on traveling, lifestyle and fashion. These are the three things I have collected the most content during the last 3 years. I also decided to add a little spice in there and link some favorite essays to create a kind of “blogging” feel to the portfolio. Just to make clear, the purpose of this portfolio is not for it to be set in stone, but it was more used as a learning experience on websites and portfolio building. Although, if you do for some reason find this essay and find the portfolio, please give me feedback on it, it would be very much appreciated to collect different perspectives which I can use in the future when I finalize it. 


I found the process of creating this portfolio very fun and creative, it felt like a piece of art that was put together based on things I have experienced in the past few years. I loved designing the templates, choosing the colors, editing the images and seeing how the final product turned out. It was like a painting coming to life bit by bit and I really enjoyed the time invested into it. The main inspiration came from the UGC (user generated content) concept, which I have written a separate essay about. This is how the creative process started, the rest just flowed from there.


I am proud of the portfolio as a whole, even though there are some aspects I am still unsatisfied with, but who knows, maybe I will use this as a template for the future when inspiration rises again! ?


You can find the portfolio from this link: https://doneebarendze3.wixsite.com/donee-barendze 



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