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Honestly, I am still going through an uphill battle in my personal journey. I’m an Asian woman who was brought up in Sri Lanka. I’m currently in my 30s and the mother of a stunning young girl. I chose to make the difficult decision to depart from my homeland in 2022. I had to board a plane to Finland in order to start an amazing journey while bearing the grief of losing my mother in my home country. This is the story of me, the Asian learner presently registered at Proakatemia part of TAMK who has come across many different circumstances. I’ve never migrated to another nation and stayed there for an extended period. Additionally, I have no prior knowledge of the “Business” academic discipline. I was overflowing with some expectations for my foggy future but also confused, happy, and hopeless simultaneously.

Since I had never been exposed to such a kind of classroom instruction, it was challenging for me in the very beginning to make sense of what was occurring around me. In my first couple of months, there were a few things that puzzled me, such “learning sessions” being referred to as “Paja”. It was a learning process that was mostly designed to learn by doing.  They called a “Paja” the hours of deliberative learning that began with all the students and the coach gathering in a circle. These learning sessions, in my opinion, are more like an environment where anyone is free to speak up. If you are able to communicate while maintaining everyone’s respect, people will pay attention. I genuinely want to have something like this in my life. Since plenty of individuals in my country believed that my opinions were insignificant and because of that it was challenging for me to voice what I thought. Paja also continually encourages me to get my voice up, dive deep into specific academic topics, and commence with thoughts. I’m constantly eager to learn new things because of these learning sessions.

According to Alfred Adler’s explanation of the “inferiority complex” in individual psychology, people become more intensely conscious of their sentiments of inferiority, which causes individuals to build up an inferiority complex. My upbringing and adulthood were also influenced in a way that left me feeling inadequate all the time. If we have an inferiority complex, it will cause us to feel bad about ourselves, helpless, and unable to cope with the responsibilities of everyday existence. As a result of this, I made poor mistakes that I will continue to have trouble with throughout many stages of my life in the years to come. Nevertheless, I’m pleased that that I decided on the appropriate decision to take part in Proakatemia, where plenty of the community participants are encouraging us to bring out our innate talents and provide support for sharpening everything in a positive way.

I knew nothing concerning business. Also, I have a sense of inferiority which never pushes me to tap into my full potential. Proakatemia has offered me a place to confront my anxieties. Alfre once said ” When you start learning to swim, what do you try first? Everyone makes mistakes, right? What happens as a consequence? We can stay in the water for a while after making all the mistakes without drowning. You make more mistakes. What do you understand next? You are capable of swimming. Well, learning to survive is like learning to swim. Avoid being frightened to make mistakes since there is no other way to learn how to live than by doing so. Proakatemia also inspires me to overcome my fear of failure. Another significant life lesson for me. The work we are currently doing is educating us how to flourish as entrepreneurs and how to develop ourselves further through the understanding we obtain from work. Future ethical business leaders and entrepreneurs are welcome to take advantage of this space to construct the groundwork for their companies. Start making many different mistakes as you can. You are free to do that here. Obviously, start acquiring knowledge through that.

I feel fortunate that I’m given the opportunity to add another pleasant chapter to my tale of life from the country having the greatest system of education in the whole globe. If you understand how to use the positive energy inside to lighten your dark journey, this tiny region filled with greater people will certainly always help you. Many people are able to see you with their eyes, hearing you with their ears, and touch you with their hearts in proakatemia. All that remains to do is decide correctly to see this tiny region.

  • Kamil Wójcik

    This is a great essay. I admire your courage and story. This essay in itself shows how much you have learned at Proakatemia already. If we only seek education to fill future job requirements, it’s like crafting a cog for a piece of machinery, but once the machinery is rebuilt there is a good chance that the cog won’t fit anymore. Personally, I see it as a very short-term vision.
    Ability to reflect as you did, and build confidence in your own voice and worth is much more valuable in the long term.
    I wish you luck on your Proakatemia journey and see you around!

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