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Never bored

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The education system in Finland is in the top 5 education systems in the world. We have a lot of good teachers and good students, but the issue is that the students are not that motivated. They start school when they’re seven years old. After that it’s only school school school if you want to have a nice job. Does the motivation level start dropping because the things that they teach us are boring? Is the information relevant to us?


In a world where cellphones control our lives, it’s very easy to get bored quickly. The New York Times wrote an article about millennials, the bored generation. They say that the people born between 1981 and 1996 are defined as millennials.  (The New York Times, 2018) The millennials are often described as lazy and unmotivated. The cellphone and smartphone era has started while they were kids. So, they grew up looking at their screens and worrying over likes when social media started showing its head. If they start to get bored, they just take their phone out of their pockets. There is not a single quiet moment, they’re constantly doing something. This isn’t just their problem though.


Boredom in classes leads to the motivation level to drop. If the subject isn’t that interesting to someone, what do they do? They start checking Instagram and Facebook. I believe that regular classes where the teacher is telling what to do and giving the right answers is not interesting enough. There needs to be something practical. Something that makes the students involved with the teaching and learning. For example, if a student asks a question, the one who answers could be another student, or the teacher could try a bit of coaching and make the student find the solutions themselves.


Teaching self-leadership in schools is a good tool for the students to start taking more responsibility of their learning. It doesn’t suit everyone but the ones that it does, start taking things more seriously. I can say that from my own experience since we learn by doing in Proakatemia. We do everything in practice and we don’t have teachers but coaches. So, to us there’s no lectures and no lecturers. We are responsible of our learning.


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