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Networking events suck

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Business For Punks
James Watt
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Have you ever been in a networking event? If so, did you feel the situation unnatural and uncomfortable? Well at least i did. I’ve been to a couple of networking events and somehow it doesn’t just feel right to me. Why do people go to networking events anyway? Because they all want something. Is it advice regarding their business? New clients? Money from investor? Or is how James Watt the Co-Founder of BrewDog describes networking in his book Business for Punks. “Networking is indeed for fools. High on the illusion of their own self-importance. Feeding their fragile egos with lukewarm canapés, cheap champagne and slaps on the back from their fellow fools. Trying desperately to cling to the fantasy that they are not only important and relevant but also somehow gifted merely for being in such an esteemed gathering of fellow fools.” 

I cant’t help it but networking events feel like a total waste of time for me. All i see is people acting like they are much smarter, bigger and better than they are. I remember going to one of these events and having a conversation with some random guy and with my friend. The reason I even joined the conversation was that I wanted to do what everybody else there were doing. And right there before my eyes I saw it. My friend who i have known for a while now was suddenly a completely different person. And now he was one of these fools, “All desperately trying to make everyone in room feel they are the most successful one there.” (Watt, 2016). 

What do you think about networking events?




Watt, J. 2016. Business for Punks, break all the rules the BrewDog way. United Kingdom. Portfolio Penguin.  Read 6.4.2020. Referred 9.4.2020.

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