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Motivation for work

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Where do we get the motivation from to work

Why do we feel motivated and some other days not at all? What is motivation? Where does it come from? Let’s dive in and learn where and how we can get motivation to work.

Motivation to work

Doing work that you truly enjoy sometimes makes work not feel like work. Having a job that aligns with your passion is great so work won’t feel like a chore. Having an understanding of why your work matters and why it is important can act as and motivator for you knowing your work has purpose. Having a set of clear and achievable goals for you can provide you with direction.

Either short or long-term goals can be great to have for boosting motivation, looking back at what you have achieved Is great for boosting motivation. Recognizing or being recognized for your work through rewards or acknowledgment can be very motivating and it widens the value of your work.

We have the opportunity to grow and learn in our job and knowing that can be a great motivator. Knowing you can better yourself by learning new skills can ignite passion. Having the ability to adapt to different situations and changes and overcoming different challenges can be motivating because you see yourself growing. Having a positive work environment, surrounding yourself with great and supportive colleagues, and creating healthy relationships at work can improve the feeling of motivation. Having a balance between work and personal life can impact your motivation. Sometimes we may feel swamped with work and it can decrease motivation, so having a healthy balance can lessen the risk of low motivation. Having routines and habits can make work feel much more achievable.

To conclude, Everybody has different ways to get themselves motivated, these are some common examples to try and change in your daily life. Finding your own little ways to keep yourself motivated is key. Every day is a different and new day, motivation will most likely to be irregular and finding a balance when you have those days will help with keeping motivated.



written a little bit of help from our friend chatGPT

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