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Juhani Laakso
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Our thoughts, feelings and reactions to all situations effect not only to our well-being, but also to people around us. By controlling all of these three, one is able to control what is going to happen in the situations where one for example overthinks or reacts extremely strongly in situations when it is not necessary. The book brings up those mindfulness skills, that the people can implement into their daily lives. In addition to this, it has got also many philosophical as well as spiritual traditions included. As the book mainly focuses on breathing and thinking exercises, it is difficult to describe it due to the fact as every single person who reads the book have different experiences. The main focus is on self-development and to control thoughts by the numerous exercises implemented into your daily routines. ‘’If you don’t have 30 minutes of your day, use at least 2-3 in order to get a more controlled life.’’

Thinking gives the opportunity to solve upcoming problems, however, the issue is that it allows us to worry painfully and bring up unpleasant memories from the past at any time of the day. At the same time, one can anticipate risks and dangers, but create an incredible amount of anxiety. This is why the most common reasons for anxiety and insomnia are worrying and bitterness. Only humans can compare themselves to one another and start feeling disadvantaged. This is exactly why it is important to find solutions to control your mind more effectively with the several exercises of the book.

Humans create a different reality with their own thoughts and imagination that steers the body and mind away from its balance, which can eventually create diseases. Our minds can create new, more peaceful relationships to all distraction creators. The mindfulness creates a possibility to live a better life no matter of the storm or chaos going on.

Nowadays it is really easy to receive information from different channels and people get advises to basically anything they want to get advises for. The versatility of the information flow can be an answer to solutions, but it might be ruining our inner information. It could be possible that nowadays the humans do not trust their inner wisdom, when asking advices from themselves.

If we choose to resist the things occurring in our minds, instead of accepting them, we easily create a battlefield to our lives. This means that there is a constant war in our minds and our thoughts and feelings become our enemies instead of being phenomenon’s that we learn to live with. Unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, missing and bitterness turn into things that we want to drive in any way possible. The book teaches the reader to get rid of these feelings and to encounter them in order to make peace with your mind.

By implementing the exercises of the book in one’s daily routines, the person is able to control their reactions, especially when it comes to work-life or studying. The main reason how this affects is that it makes you to pay attention more to the present moment without getting anxious. It also increases resilience and emotional intelligence, which effect on one’s behaviour at work for example.

‘’We create our world with our thoughts, words and actions.’’

Even though the exercises of the book can come across quite simple and easy, it is based on the fact that one thing should be done at time, focused. The smallest things can create the largest changes.

Personally, for me this book was an eye-opener. The mind does not affect only the physical or psychic well-being, but also to the fact how satisfied people are with their lives. Even though I have not used the exercises a lot, the book made me think of my reactions to many situations and analyze them in a different way than before. I felt calmer and could fall asleep peacefully during the evenings, whereas before I used to overthink every situation and made the situations even worse with my own thoughts. It has also helped me to handle stress in ways that I was not able before. For example, in situations when I have been put into a lot pressure, I used to react much stronger, whereas nowadays, I recognize my thoughts, control them better and know how I would learn even more. After reading this book, I have some practical ways to handle stressful situations, especially when it gets hectic with the projects at Proakatemia.

Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding out how to control your own mind and to react better in any situations.

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