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Lead yourself

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Self-leadership is something that I want to get better at. I’ve never been good at it, maybe a bit better when I was younger but not good. It would be best for me to get to know self-leadership more. Leading yourself before others might sound easy, but definitely it is not. Once you get a hang of it, you need to maintain it. That’s the hard part.


Laura Kozelouzek wrote an article in Forbes about self-leadership. She claims that when we’re starting a new activity, our motivation is at its highest peak. (Kozelouzek 2018) I believe her. That is the time when you have wanted to start doing something in the first place. For example, if I would want to start going to the gym, my motivation would be the highest at that moment. The trick is how to keep things interesting enough, to make it worth continuing.


When time goes by and you’ve been doing your thing for long enough, your mindset starts to change. If there’s nothing more to motivate you and things just flies by you might start to take things for granted. That’s a thing that everyone needs to watch out for. Whether it’s your relationship or hitting the gym or whatever, you still shouldn’t take things for granted.


Kozelouzek writes that the best way to lead is not by controlling the masses and telling people what to do. She sees leading as the ultimate act of service. (Kozelouzek 2018). Which it pretty much is. The leader has a great responsibility and he/she must first trust the product that they’re selling, which is the person him/herself. If you don’t trust yourself others won’t either.


To me learning to lead myself will help a lot in scheduling my days. I’ve never liked to go by schedules, but you pretty much must when you get older. And of course, when I trust myself, others will too.



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