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Joaquín A. Saavedra Alcaíno: The power of getting out of your comfort zone & pushing your limits A brief look at the reasons to jump out of it and embrace your full potential

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The power of getting out of your comfort zone & pushing your limits
A brief look at the reasons to jump out of it and embrace your full potential

Joaquín A. Saavedra Alcaíno
Student of:
Economy & Business Faculty, Diego Portales University
Essay submitted for:
Proakatemia, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
September 2019

For any queries, please correspondence to:
Joaquín Alonso Saavedra Alcaíno

Mail: Joaquin.saavedraa@mail.udp.cl

“Think outside the box”, “Get to know yourself”, “Keep constantly improving”, “Know what you are capable of”. Those are some of the phrases we could probably hear when we work on a project and we ask for some advice in order to innovate in a process or make it more profitable. If we take a closer look of those phrases, we will quickly notice that they look for an improvement in the “inner world” of an individual. What do I mean by that? I mean that the individual needs to take a look of himself and perform a complete analysis of himself in order to define who he is, what is he really looking for, what are the necessary skills to achieve his goal, and if he already have those skills. We are not used to perform this kind of analysis of ourselves, but in order to improve our work it becomes completely necessary and recurrent in our daily life. Following the previous statement and thinking about being efficient with our time I acknowledge that creating the habit of getting out of our comfort zone is probably the best way to learn about ourselves and avoid the large amount of time that performing a full analysis of ourselves could imply.

The comfort zone represents a safe place for us, and a sort of shelter where we have complete control of everything around us. But even though that may look like something good, it could be very dangerous for our understanding of ourselves and understanding of others, and not just understanding but also the relationships we made with people and our environment. By being inside of our comfort zone we can choose not to disturb our status quo and we think that is a good thing but, in this stage, we are not learning anything new or making any progress or improvement in ourselves or in our goals. So, we desperately need to get out of our comfort time and push the limits we think we have so we can get to know ourselves. And you may be thinking: Why, besides of the self-improvement, should we be taking the challenge of jumping out of our comfort zone? Well, this have more than one reason.

1. Self-Confidence: Basically, by getting to know yourself and pushing up what you think you are capable of, you gain self-confidence and feel better with yourself, improving the picture you have from yourself. This benefits you by improving positivism in your life, and makes
daily challenges look like they are not impossible but completely achievable. Although we must mention that the improvement in your life would be beneficial for your work life, making you a more efficient and productive worker.
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

2. Necessity generates innovation: This is very intuitive. As a matter of fact, you are way more creative if you are trying to supply some need. For this reason, developing countries are much more innovative that developed ones, so they are trying to solve actual problems and needs in their societies, and they cannot afford expensive solutions for solving those problems, so they are forced to innovate and create new ways to solve their needs.

3. Learn Complex Problems Solving: Interesting topic to discuss and mention here, because this is maybe one of the most needed skills in labor market actually. By living new daily experiences that forces you to jump out of your comfort zone, you face the opportunity of solving new challenges that can be complex, and you are also making some work and improvements in your inner world. This kind of improvements and skills developments are especially useful in our globalized world, where the rules of the game are constantly changing and being able to assimilate information quickly and react or even get ahead of the market is a crucial concern for companies all around the globe.
With all the things mentioned before I do not expect people to live completely outside of their comfort zone, but instead to encourage people to create the habit of jumping out of their comfort zone in their lives and push their limits farther every day.

The truly interesting thing here, is that the improvement is not only for you working life, but also for your common life, your relationships, the way you relate with things around you, and of course the picture you have of yourself. This integral improvement and constant work bring out the best of us through living stressful experiences (considering getting out of your comfort zone as something stressful) that forces you to improve your knowledge of yourself. This way, we improve as individuals, and as a society, because we become more healthy people both mentally and physically, and, of course, we improve as startup entrepreneurs.

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