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Janitorial Service A Team Business Project in Proakatemia with Team Kaaos

Kirjoittanut: Aileen Marie Flores Nunez - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Janitorial Service Team Project in Proakatemia with Team Chaos


It was high time for us to work on our own business project. For so long, I was in deep thought of what project to start. We were doing some servicing projects to raise funds to pay the team monthly bills and other expenses. But these were never enough for our required finances, nor enough to count our project hours as well as our learning experiences. The idea to apply for the Janitorial Team for the Spring 2024 came out of a discussion and could be considered if anyone is willing to do it. Yes, it is an opportunity just within our community. There were few people in Team Kaaos that were interested and would be enough number to handle the job. So, I said to myself, why not? Firstly, I can count project hours on it while I am still able to do my part time jobs to finance my own monthly finances and tuition fee. Secondly, though it might only be at the end of the term that we would be able to profit from it, it won’t be bad at all. Then, lastly, of course the learning that I will gain from it.

So how does the application process go? What challenges did the team encounter? What were the learning I gain so far?

When the application period was open and posted, I started inquiring from our Business Leader about our finance, the people in our team who could join the project and the details of how the service is done from Flora Lang, the Proakatemia Community Leader, and Tereze Teibe, the project leader for the existing janitorial team for that semester. They were indeed generous to share their experience and provided thoughtful insights. So, after a few discussions and inquiries, we decided to push through for the application and had the feeling that we could be chosen since we are new applicants and if we can keep the offer with the same amount before and with few add ons.  After the application was submitted, I was contacted to see if we could revise our offer, by considering a monthly breakfast offer for the community. At first, I was skeptical about it as with the price we offer, we could barely make money on it. I tried to discuss this with a few people from our team and decided to go with it keeping the same price offer so we have the edge to get the approval and just see how we can plan our budget and expenses if decision is favored to us. That was taking a risk as a start.

Indeed, the vote was favored to our team to handle the Janitorial Service in Proakatemia Community for Spring 2024 that commences from January 8, 2024, and ends on July 31, 2024. During the preparation and application process, I was already ticking my project hours and was delighted about it. However, from our starting point, it was not smooth already, hence we decided to take for Kespro card for our purchases would be in bulk, the process was taking time, and much information where asked and of course in Finnish. How could I handle that? And from our project team, none of us is a Finn. So, I seek help from Satu, Sanni, and Meri for it. One of the staff in Krespo was kind enough to help us fill in the application form. Another problem was our initial capital, we do not have any team money and what could be used to start is money from our other team’s project. With their help, we can start our purchases. Planning for purchase and logistics take a lot of mathematical skills and strategy. I say considering our budget and what payment amount we can collect from the other teams excluding the pingsters as they could be able to pay by Autumn only. We had several meetings with our team about our routines, purchases, reports, handling issues, announcements, and other stuff. Quick meetings were of help too in addressing immediate issues. A starting issue was about the collection of letters and packages and delivery to team spaces. It was about missing the timing on parcel collection but was immediately resolved and explained. Logistics and transportation are also big problems for us. As nobody from the team owns a car or has a way to get a car, then we must allocate transportation budget for it. Although there were few times, we got help and we’re so thankful for that and even struggled on taking the bus with the heavy milk and other items, it was indeed an experience of difficulty but experienced teamwork. Ordering the main product, which is coffee, was quite easy. I was guided by Felix from Crevio, however, it created a shocking surprise for the team as the bill was a lot. I purchased coffee that would last for more than a month as we have a good discount on our first purchase. Communication and ordering from Cafe Solo is also an easy one. I simply send them an email and request for the delivery time. The payment will be collected in 2 weeks. Tumma Loisto Coffee had been used by Proakatemia for a while and there were some instances the janitorial team proposed for change however, people preferred this as it taste way better over other coffee brand, many feel no palpitation effects, and a way healthier. Another main product we need to supply to the community is milk. Speaking about milk, consumption takes so much, and it is second to our top cost after the coffee. It is also the most difficult item to purchase in terms of logistics. So, we have reminded the community to drink completely their coffee and use just enough milk. Though coffee and milk are offered for guests, in case for any team event, provision of snacks and coffee must be taken charged by their end. There were also a few items that we ran short of and had to quickly purchase. After a month of service, we noticed and were requested if we add more cow’s milk. So, we adjusted our next purchases considering 4 oat milk and 3 cow’s milk a day. Another problem we encountered was the broken coffee thermos and it happened during Sales Days. It was so untimely, and we were desperate to get it resolved quickly. With the help of Hanna and Marika we secured 2 thermoses from Hubs and Tamk. Katrina, who was the lead for sales Days also rented 2 thermoses from Tamk Ravintola. Flora Lang also arranged the replacement of the thermos and came after one week of order. Without the proper thermos it could be a disaster and chaotic in the kitchen.

Having these kind of issues and things weren’t running smooth, gave us opportunities to learn and handle demanding situations. Leading this project, my team leadership skill is tested. I have learned significant things like planning, scheduling, coordinating the team, and improving my communication skills. After a few weeks of doing so, I realized that learning is the most important thing in doing this project, the project hours completion next and the getting the profit. One of the challenging aspects of my leadership is how to maintain my composure in the middle of difficulty. With the stress I have in my personal life, school things and team issues easily exhaust me. This is the thing that I am trying to work out to be a better leader. Another is how we need to share our effort, as this is a team project, it should not be a burden solely on me. Each of us on this project is responsible and needs to lead too. Sometimes, I could not hold myself to micromanage. I need to trust our team. Despite our shortcomings, we received a lot of positive feedback from the community like how amazing we keep everything in order and the team is quite visible doing the coffee preparation, loading the dirty cups, and other kitchen routines. It feels good that this has been noticed and can boost our spirit to keep it well until we finish our contract. Many were delighted with the provision of the espresso treat once a week and monthly community breakfast. Although we serve simple sets, they were happy to share a great entrepreneurial discussion while enjoying the food and drinks. We aim to keep  Proakatemia Community an avenue for conversing great ideas that will turn into business opportunities, create great connections and effective networking. It feels good and warmed my heart, that through this project, we can serve Proakatemia community, provide a welcoming, friendly, and entrepreneurial ambiance through keeping the premises clean and order.  m so thankful and glad that our team takes this project seriously and experiences team spirit. An individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. – Vince Lombardi. With the remaining service period of our janitorial project, I hope to leave a new and meaningful impression on Proakatemia Janitorial Service throughout the years.


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