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Is failure necessary

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Is failure necessary?

I recently listened to a ted talk by Courtney Johnson, he explained that he tried to find things that he is most scared and do them.  This way he is making his biggest fear, the fear of failure smaller. He was extremely afraid of flying and had never been in an airplane, so he decided to go and do a parachute jump from an airplane where the doors were open for the whole flight, he was second-guessing and almost turning back at many spots but decided to pull through with it. In his talk he was encouraging everyone to find the thing that they are the most afraid of and then doing it. Because fear of failure and just fear in general holds us back way too often.

What are you the most afraid of doing.  Don’t try to fail in purpose but go out and explore and some fails will come, the most important is what do we do after failing. When we get up and try again, we push away the big fear of failing because it just becomes a part of the journey and not the destination.

 We learn from our mistakes and from our mistakes we learn and grow.

Why is the word failure such a negative word and why are people avoiding failure. If we discuss failing more, does it bring them closer and make them more constant?

All growth is fueled with failures, nothing big ever came of constant luck and everything going according to the plan.

Sometimes after the fail has redirected us to a different path we see that we have it a lot better now than what we had in vision with the initial plan.

We had a great paja about failure the other day where we discussed questions like :where have you failed recently, how to get trough big failures/disappointments and what defines failure for us. Failure means different thing to every single person.

Failing an important test after a lot of studying could be a big failure for many.  Our education system is quite focused on failure, you eighter pass the test of then you fail it, a wrong answer is a fail or a minus point.

It was very interesting and mind opening to hear about moments where others might have felt a major failure to have experienced a similar disappointing situation but not even thinking it would have been a failure. This goes both ways, what I would consider a Grande fail might not look like one at all to someone else.

It could be cool to have a more transparent atmosphere towards failure in akatemia, to celebrate the failures and the learnings from it.


Failure is necessary: TED talk by Courtney Johnson

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