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International business etiquette and culture

Kirjoittanut: Susanna Leinonen - tiimistä Eventa.

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In this short essay I will be reflecting different manners in different countries. I will be consentrating on business etiquette and culture.

When I studied this topic I could helpo myself wonder, that how much I have different kind of stereotypes and where do they come from. Is it from my childhood home or school? How much does popular culture and movies have impact on my thoughts? I realised that I don’t really know what thing are facts and what are just stereotypes. It was very interesting to read about international business etiquette, manners and culture.

Especially these things surprised me:

Dress is very important for making a good impression in Argentina; your entire wardrobe will be scrutinized. Business dress is conservative: dark suits and ties for men; white blouses and dark suits or skirts for women.

The image that I have of Argentina is, that it is pretty laid-back country which has fun loving people living in there. So this conservative way of dressing up in business meeting got me by surprise. This same thing surprised me on Australian business culture ass well. That is, too, a laid-back country. But this is very good to know, if making some international business in Argentina or Australia.

However I found a bit contradictory that in Argentina during business meetings, sustain a relaxed manner, maintain eye contact and restrict the use of gestures. Don’t take a hard sell approach. I would have thought it is other way around because of the conservative business outfit.

Getting to know in foreign culture and business manners were topical for us in team Eventa this fall becouse of our Final Camp project. It took place in China. Allthough I wasn’t able to go to China with my team, I studies Chinese culture a lot and tried to share my findings with my team mates as well as possible. I learned that Chinese people likes punctuality and subtle manners. They are very hospitable and wants to take good care of their guests. But be careful: Chinese often say things they don’t mean. They attend to agree with you even they don’t really think that way.

Very many manners are the same whereever in the world you are. Small talk before business talk, casual lunches and dinners with business assosiates are appropriate, let your host be the first to start conversations and eating.

I think that if you’re doing international business and don’t really know the manners of the other culture and business etiquette; just wait and see how does others act. I also think that good common sense and normal good manners takes you far. Then it’s not likely that you make an insult. And remember that there is nothing what friendly smile can’t replace.

But if you want to gain some advantage in your international business events, it would be good to study your hosts manners little bit beforehand. It’s always nice to notice that someone from another cultural backrounds knows for example how to say ”thank you” or ”nice meeting you” in your own language. And of course it’s nice to know and learn about other cultures before entering new country.

Source: The web’s leading resource for international business etiquette, manners & culture. Read 12.12.2019. http://www.cyborlink.com/

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