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Inpsire and get inspired

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Together is Better
Simon Sinek
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Simon Sinek established a book about inspiration in 2016. The book observed different factors that are related to the topic. Back cover of the book had impressive thought written on it:


“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”


This essay is based on meaning behind those words and other enlightening thoughts related to inspiration. Sometimes it requires crushing ones comfort zone to find true source of inspiration, but don’t let fear come on your way. Being inspired makes a difference to every day. You wake up with a purpose and fulfill your vision daily. Inspired people are empowering and effective, and they love what they do. That should be goal to go for.


Find a vision


“There are two ways to go on a journey – walk away from something or go towards something.”


In those words lays great wisdom. The sentence summarizes two options in life that determine us. Either you decide to take the brave choice and go forward or you can just turn your back on things and point yourself to nowhere, because your focus is on walking away, not getting forward.

Of course walking away from venomous situation is a wise choice. But still, one should be focusing on the upcoming things after leaving the situation. Getting stuck on the past and always memorizing matters in earlier life does not lead you to chase your vision.


In order to have a strong vision, you must know yourself well enough. Do you know your values that guide your life? Do you live among them?

Vision is something that should inspire us enough to make us thrilled everyday getting towards it. Vision could be referred to meaning of life, and it should not be too easy to reach.

If the vision is effortless to reach, would it inspire you enough to improve yourself everyday to get towards it? Often the journey and all the experiences among the way, are the matters that makes vision so meaningful when we finally get there.




“Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there. “ (p.72)


According the book, true fulfillment comes from the journey, not the achievement. Do you remember all the things you had been through while chasing something bigger than you? When you finally reached your goal, was the most memorable thing that exact moment or the things that grew you as a person and got you there?

It is crucial to enjoy the life right now. This moment determines your path and story behind your vision. The question is, how you want to reach your vision? The recommendable thing to do is fall in love with the process, not just survive from it.


Power of Choice


Important thing about life is the deeper understanding about your impact on your choices. It is proven that many people base their decision on others needs. You have this one life. Do you want to waste it by serving others visions? Many people are afraid of chasing ones own needs because it is perceived selfish. That is quite ironic.

The moment you understand that your resources are as limited as your imagination is the change will happen. Mental change, physical change, whatever change is needed. Once you learn to define and understand your vision, you will also begin to understand people better.


“A vision is like a dream – it will disappear unless we do something with it. Do something big or do something small. But stop wondering and go on an adventure.” (p.14)


Work your way to the top. No one else will. You are the only one responsible from your own inspiration.


Go alone or go together


Eventhough we are here for ourselves, we would not have a meaningful life without other people. it is possible to make magnificent things on our own, but what would be the point without the ones we can share the experiences with? It is vital to understand that helping others while working on things that take you towards your goal, support each other.


There would not be wisdom, if it were not shared by others. We learn from each other and we grow with each other. Imagine what kind of life you would have, if you are just on your own.


“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” -African proverb


The phrase above is familiar with people who study at Proakatemia. This is base of success; people can achieve bigger things together than alone. The power of team is incredible. Learning accelerates rapidly when people share ones knowledge to others.


Sinek describes in his book how honesty and asking for help enables deeper learning.


“When we say out loud what we don’t know, it increases the likelihood that someone who does know will offer help.” (p.35)


With more knowledge, we can make a difference in this world. We can share our knowledge and enrich others life with that, allowing to make a bigger outcome. Together we can also support one another into better results and higher self-development.





Know yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and visions. Do not hesitate to make your dreams true. We will not get stressed out, if the thing we are doing is right for us and our values. It takes persevere to achieve ones vision, but the process behind it makes it all worth it. Like Sinek wrote that “our struggles are the short-term steps we must take on our way to long-term success” (p.86).


You can have an impact in others life and that is the powerful thing to do. Helping others will help yourself. When people around you get inspired, that affects also to you. Same goes to the other way. Work hard but remember to do it because of passion and vision.  Rest is up to you.



“Success is when reality looks like what is in our imagination.” (p.70)






Simon Sinek. Together is better – a little book of inspiration. 2016.


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