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Idiots around me – How to understand others and yourself

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Idiootit ympärilläni
Thomas Erikson
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Studying in a institute like Proakatemia changes people. The way of learning differs so widely from other schools in Finland , or in the whole world. In Finland we are used to study independently and we are not responsible for anyone else’s learning except our own. If someone has learning issues and is dropping behind, this individual will take some extra lessons or will be left behind the rest of the class. In Proakatemia we are united as a group, we establish a company together and share the responsibilities together. It is all of our responsibility how we learn and what we learn. This way we equally share the responsibility to learn. So it is more of a group learning instead of individual learning. In a way, you have to develop your social skills, team working skills and widen your world perspective in order to work in a compact group as this.

There might be situations where someone acts strangely and you may wonder why. Why someone in the team is always speaking and someone you hardly hear speaking during the whole week. How do we deal with conflicts. There are people you just can’t seem to understand. If we truly understand our own actions, it is easier for us to recognize the other team mates personalities and how to function easier with them. Everyone of us have our own ways of surviving, some claim that we follow our survival skills that we learned during childhood, some say its up to our personality types. After reading this book you may walk around and just see people by their colors. Whilst reading the book you will easily collect your friends and families and divide them to the color groups. In our team there are many green people but more importantly I believe we have a straight flush so each color is represented in our Syntre team. This essay is based on the book written by Thomas Erikson which is called “ idiots around me”.

” The greater your own understanding is, the better you can adapt to your surroundings”- Thomas Erikson

DISA – Model

The DISA- model Thomas uses in the book has been widely criticized around the world. The model is very old and was created by William Mourton Marston in the 1900th century.(Nylander, 2019.)

Already in the 5th century BCE Hippokrates was speaking about our temperament which guides us. In 1300 Mexican Aztecs were dividing the tribe to four different elements which were water,fire,earth and ground. ( Larkio, 2017. )

The model Erikson uses is diving us humans to four different colors. Red, blue, green and yellow. Around 80% of people are combination of two colors. Only 5% of us would be lead by only one color. (Erikson 2021, 15.)


” When you adapt your message to the person, how they want to be confronted, your communication is more powerful” – Thomas Erikson

Red color “ Time is money “

“Alfa” could be the first word to use for totally red people. Red people can behave often dominantly and fast in others eyes. According to Hippocrates this personality type was titled as choleric. Some synonyms that might describe red would be: harsh, passionate, impulsive and easily irritated. They are good at making fast decisions and are determined to win. They easily found themselves in competitions and will never give up. Quite many presidents and CEO’s have lot of red in their personalities. Red ones are very honest, they don’t spear their words and have crazy amount of energy among them. They are good leaders. Often other colored people might dislike red one’s strong personalities.   ( Erikson, 2021, 35-36.) Famous red characters are Barack Obama and mother Teresa. .   ( Erikson, 2021, 49.)


Yellow color “How to sell snow for penguins or sand for Bedouins?”

Sanguine is the word Hippocrates used to describe the yellow ones. Always optimistic and positive. They live for life and life is a party for them. Sun is always shining somewhere around the globe. If you know someone who always sees sun where others see clouds, there is a huge possibility this person might be yellow. Yellow people like to talk and entertain people. They make you feel happy as well. They are just generally nice people. Similar to red ones they can provide fast solutions but can rarely provide any rational reason for the decision, it might have just felt good. They are great at ideation and visualization. They might need some help with realism and keeping them on the ground. Popular yellow characters are George Bush and princess Madeleine. ( Erikson, 2021, 61-62.)


Green ones “ Worlds best friend you could have “

Green is the most typical color out of the four ones. Green people are everywhere. You just might not notice them sometimes as they are not the loudest ones. They are more in balance. Hippocrates called them phlegmatic. Other words could be slow, indifferent, leisurely and perfunctory. Every person can not be strong leaders or always optimistic yellow starts. We need to have more balanced green ones who does not step out as the other ones do. Green ones are more calm and fair towards subjects. They do not want to compete with you or debate with your opinions. Green child would be the little angel who always listens to parents, goes to sleep when its time and never forgets to do homework. They eager to merge to the civilization and don’t want to be different. If you know someone who is always friendly, never wants to argue and is always there if you need a hand, he might be green. They are also great team players. They say most of greens are introverts and that their activity focuses on their own inner world. They are good listeners and not always the ones to speak out. ( Erikson, 2021, 63-76.) Popular green characters would be Kaarle Kustaa and Michelle Obama. (Aster, 2022.)


Blue people “ Devil in details”

Blue characters are on another level. They are always on look-out. They observe everything around them. Mostly they are always right. Blues love to analyze, categorize and judge. Maybe you can recognize someone if you visit their house and everything is in strict order, there are name tags in all the hooks, there is a strict food list taped on the refrigerator door which is followed. Tool box is in order and there is nothing missing from there. Why is that ? Because blues love order and follows the rules. They are also realistic, careful and organized. We all have that one buddy who might interrupt your story and correct you if you said something which is not 100% true. Example if you said “ I only saw him one” and in reality he knows you had seen him twice, it is his nature to correct you. Blue loves facts and analytics. They want to know more and everything there is to know about the subject. If you send them notes from the meeting, they might ask you is this all you got? Would there be more information regarding the meeting? They are always good and almost perfectionists in their tasks. They prefer logic over feelings. They might need a little help to finish the tasks on time. ( Erikson, 2021, 77-94.) Famous blue characters  Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. ( Aster, 2022. )



After reading the book I understood more how other people think. Maybe ten years ago I often thought I am surrounded by idiots. Growing and gaining more knowledge about life , maybe the understanding has gotten more wide. Maybe they are not all idiots, they just don’t see the world as I see it. Myself being quite red, it might be unfathomable to try to understand why someone can not express themselves or speak out if they are asked a question. Obviously I think there is something wrong with them and they are just slow. After gaining a bit of understanding of these slower thinkers and more quiet personalities I have learned most of the times they do speak their facts are very interesting and the way of thinking differs totally from mine. The way red characters fill the room might be annoying for others and I have always noticed that as well , either people like you or you might be too much for them to handle. My red character has calmed down a lot during the last ten years , alltought I still get very excited if there is a chance to compete about something or a good opportunity to take lead. Proakatemia is a good place to study different personalities and try to learn from each other. It is a good environment to meet those people who you would most likely not be in contact with on the outside world. So take advantage from all  the other personality types we have in aksu and try to cherish them during your journey.



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