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How to host international guests?

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In this short essay I am going to tell about how Proakatemia international team is working with international guests. I´ve been in this team for four months now and next six months I am going to lead a smaller group of this team.


We have over a thousand international guests in Proakatemia every year, so it is very important how we manage international guests. It is also very important that students understand different nationalities and why and how they behave as they do. I am going to share a few good examples what we should remember when we meet international guests.


Many of our guests brings gifts. What is good to know if visitors are from China we should not use black, blue or white wrapping paper because that represents death in China. And for Japanese people it is very important that the gift is wrapped.


I think that the biggest difference between foreigners and Finns is that Finnish people are always on time. Being late is normal for example for Indians. And for Australians it is super important to be on time. Being late is typical for Russians, and they feel like they do not have to apologize about that.


Finnish people do not want to use their hands when eating but for example for Indians that is a normal thing. Unlike in India, eating with your hands in Brazil should be avoided. In Finland we have a lunch break which lasts half an hour. But it is normal for French people that they eat two hours for no specific reason.


Here was just a few examples that I am going to share with my international team as well. It was  very interesting to notice that we have so many differences between cultures. The most important thing is to understand why people act and try to adjust your behavior accordingly. It is richness for all of us that we do not act in the same way with everything.







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