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Kirjoittanut: Ariel Cohen - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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Our team is struggling in reading other team mate’s essays, so we created a new way where members start to read others’ essays and also got points from it! Our goal now is to make at least 3 feedback essays per semester where we read and give feedback on a minimum of 3 essays.  


The first essay l read was from Luckas Alvim and it was about automation and the evolution of jobs since the topic seemed interesting. You have Interesting thoughts on the topic of automation and its impact on the job market. It’s great to see that you’ve done some research and have included some examples and data to support your arguments. 


You’ve made some interesting points about the O-ring principle and how it relates to automation. I also appreciate how you’ve highlighted the fact that automation doesn’t necessarily mean the end of jobs but rather a shift in the types of skills that are in demand. 

One suggestion I would make is to include some counterarguments or potential drawbacks to your perspective. While it’s true that automation has historically led to the creation of new industries and job opportunities, there are also concerns about the potential for job displacement and income inequality. It’s important to acknowledge these issues and discuss potential solutions. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading your essay and appreciate the effort you put into researching and writing about this topic.  





The second essay that l read was about conformity and it was written by Samu Nyqvist.  


This a very informative and well-written piece about conformism and its effects on group dynamics. The explanation of the phenomenon is clear, and the examples given are relevant and help to illustrate the concept. The reference to Salomon Asch’s line experiment and Kurt Lewin’s studies add further weight to the argument being presented. 

The section on how to avoid conformism is particularly helpful, as it offers practical tips for individuals to resist social pressure and maintain their autonomy. The emphasis on assertiveness and self-confidence as key factors in this process is spot on and highlights the importance of developing these qualities in ourselves. 

One area where the article could be improved is by providing more concrete examples of how conformism can negatively impact team performance. While the article touches on the idea that individuals may not voice their genuine concerns and opinions, it would be helpful to provide specific examples of how this can lead to suboptimal outcomes for the team or organization. Also, l was hoping to read examples of situations you faced as a business leader in SYNTRE.

Overall, this is a very informative and useful article for anyone interested in understanding group dynamics and conformism’s role in shaping individual behavior. 





The third essay that l read was about psychological safety written by Marcos Heinonen.  


The essay provides a clear understanding of the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, using examples such as the Chornobyl disaster and high-performing teams. You also provide valuable insights into the differences between leadership and management, including the role of coaches in football. Your writing is well-organized and easy to follow, making it easy for readers to understand your points. 



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