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As a software developer, the title of the essay Katrina wrote took my attention: THIRD GENERATION INTERNET: WEB 3.0. So I read and decided to write feedback.

Overall, this essay provides a clear and concise overview of the evolution of the Internet and the World Wide Web, culminating in the concept of Web 3.0. Katrina effectively explains the differences between the read-only Web 1.0, the participatory Web 2.0, and the decentralised and AI-driven Web 3.0. The essay is well-structured, with each section building upon the previous one.

The author effectively uses inline sources to support their claims and provide additional information. The sources are credible and reputable, including the University System of Georgia and CERN.

One suggestion for improvement would be to provide more detailed examples of what Web 3.0 might look like in practice at the moment, as the concept is new to anyone. Maybe a longer essay in the future about what Web 3.0 means to you after participating in BRIDG3 Hackathon would be a nice addition to the Proakatemia essay bank.

Overall, this essay is a solid introduction to the concept of Web 3.0 and provides a good starting point for further research. I really like to see people challenge themselves by writing about a technical subject out of their comfort zone. Katrina did a good job at it.




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Third generation internet: Web 3.0 (2023) Suomi. Available at: https://esseepankki.proakatemia.fi/en/third-generation-internet-web-3-0/ (Accessed: May 5, 2023).

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