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This essay provides a good overview of Emily’s experience marketing an exclusive wheat straw panel in Finland over the past year. She effectively communicates her active involvement in managing social media accounts, marketing, and promotion, driven by her personal belief in the product’s eco-friendly qualities.

The essay shares the unique selling points of the product, such as its quietness, eco-friendliness, and natural materials, citing real-life examples of benefits like hypoallergenic living spaces and lower heating costs.

I liked that Emily wrote in this essay a strategic approach to market entry, acknowledging the challenges of introducing a novel product with little prior consumer familiarity. She still details efforts to understand the target audience, cultural environment, and industry behavior, emphasizing the importance of success stories to gain consumer trust.

The piece also touches upon branding strategies, including establishing social media channels, creating logos, and developing marketing mixes tailored to different segments.

Emily self-reflectively notes areas of improvement, such as the delayed emphasis on celebrating wins and the need for a visual roadmap with clear goals. Despite these insights, the essay concludes optimistically, highlighting significant growth, strategic partnerships, and plans for future expansion. Overall, this is a good reflective essay from my point of view, offering nice and open shared thoughts from the author’s marketing journey and the positive impact on the company.



Reflection: Marketing (2023) Suomi. Available at: https://esseepankki.proakatemia.fi/en/reflection-marketing/ (Accessed: 08 December 2023).


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