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Life & Entrepreneurship in Finland from a foreigner POV

Kirjoittanut: Doneé Barendze - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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In this podcast, me and one of my fellow team mates from the international first year team: SYNTRE will talk about life and entrepreneurship in Finland, especially in the Proakatemia community, from an international student perspective. This podcast was hosted by Mari-Anne Kuosa, a Finnish pingster who has been part of the International Relations Team with me and Katrina, the guest speakers on this podcast. Follow the link below and give us a listen if you want to hear some things about life in Finland and Finnish culture from an outside perspective, or if you want to just listen to some broken Finnish words in between.




Podcast creators: Doneé Barendze, Katrina Cirule and Mari-Anne Kuosa.

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