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Entrepreneurial Competences, SPRINT, and HUBS- My Journey

Kirjoittanut: Katrina Cirule - tiimistä SYNTRE.

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As they say, we live in this rapidly changing world which demands even more diverse skills every day, hence an entrepreneurial mindset is an asset that benefits not only the individual, but the society as a whole, too. Nevertheless, a question remains- what does an entrepreneurial mindset even mean?

At the beginning of my studies in Entrepreneurship & Team Leadership in 2021, as a part of my curriculum, I was participating in the Sprint Innovation Festival. However, I got a very unexpected opportunity to be a part of this week-long challenge in the role of a coach assistant. I suppose, that’s where my HUBS story and journey to discover a new part of myself begin… So, let’s take a look at what entrepreneurship and with it related qualities mean from the perspective of the European Commission, HUBS, and my experience, too.

Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) is a tool developed by the European Commission. In order for one to create social, financial or cultural value, this concept offers a set of 15 interdisciplinary competences to develop. As the name of it might suggest, these 15 qualities and skills are separated into 3 key areas of entrepreneurship- ideas & opportunities, resources, and into action (see Image 1). These guidelines can be used as a navigation tool on both individual and organisational level to evolve the entrepreneurial mindset and support life-long learning (European Commission 2017).


Image 1. The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework.

My experience with the “competence flower” started in HUBS long before I even realised it. As previously mentioned, I had the chance to be a coach assistant in the SPRINT festival (see Image 2), where I first experienced the uplifting and inspiring community of HUBS. The experience of online hosting, managing schedules for a large group of people, diving into the world of innovation, and, for the most part, being surrounded by supportive and growth-oriented people all inspired me to apply for the Growth Hacker position for year 2022.

Image 2. Katrina and Soonie in SPRINT.

And here I am. It has now been my first semester as a Growth Hacker (see Image 3), and I can slowly begin to reflect on my experience during this time. Connecting my development to the EntreComp, I could relate it to every petal of the flower, however, I wish to highlight creativity and learning through experience.


Image 3. Katrina and Pinja in Pizza Brunch.


I have learned that to be creative, one does not necessarily need to be artistic or crafty. Creativity, in my experience, also means having and creating more opportunities to innovate and trying new tools to do so. In the position of an event assistant, I am always looking for ways to bring something new to the table. Therefore, learning how to be okay with “bad” ideas and just being open to opportunities, as well as being patient with myself have been a new realisation. Innovation can be fun, and most importantly- everyone can do it, it’s just a matter of time and consistency.

Creativity, in my opinion, is also a part of the learning through experience process since it is often unpredictable and surprising. It is the challenge and the hands-on practice of learning that helps me understand how certain things work. As they say: “You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” That’s what I am still learning every day- to see challenge as a new opportunity for me to grow and learn. Of course, easier said than done, however I truly mean it when I say that a mindful attitude and experimentation are the keys for me to push myself forward.

And HUBS is exactly the place. With the support of coaches, various courses, events and even job opportunities, HUBS supports team learning and the development of the entrepreneurship competences. I believe that those were the conversations in this place that empowered me to try new things and simply not be afraid, especially in the circumstances of being a first-year student abroad. I am truly grateful to work with motivated and kind-hearted people, where we can all help each other “do good and be good”.

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