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Entrepreneur with a Skier’s Mindset

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There are times where we all focus on the negative sides of entrepreneurship where you work more than your 9-5 job, where you get declined by the client you have been trying to sign a contract with, or just simply not even having the feeling to send an email which might be the next biggest opportunity in life. Why are we too focused on what is wrong in the situation instead of what can be done? In his article “Skiin and starting companies”, Dustin mix tells that the decision to enter a new business is similar to jumping off a chairlift.Gravity is going to do its own thing and whether on your feet or on your behind, you’re bringing an outing down the slope. ( Mix 2018 )



An article called “Why do we focus on the negative? How to gain a better balance in your CX program” states that sadly, Decision Lab, a research company, says that our brains are wired to focus more on the negative side of the ledger. We respond more strongly to negative feedback when we receive both positive and negative feedback in similar amounts. Babies around the age of one exhibit this trait because they respond more strongly to a negative facial expression than to a positive one.This tendency is referred to as the negativity bias in formal terms. (Daniell 2022)


If we consider this case in our daily lives at the office, or wherever you work at as an entrepreneur, we tend to focus on the one single negative thing that happened during the day instead of focusing on the bright side, which decreases our productivity. As we focus on the negative aspects of our days, then this slowly becomes a habit, which puts us into the direction of “going the wrong way” or if we think it in skiing aspect “we are about to fall from the hill of a mountain”. 


Everyone who skies knows that when you are going downhill in the slopes, where you focus is where you will be lead to by the gravity that is working to get you downwards. If you focus on the trees or on the hill, which you fall from you might get injuries, they you will fall and get injuries. If you focus on the track and your technique, then you will arrive to your destination with no injuries and a dopamine pumping into your head knowing well enough that you made it. 


An article called “4 Little Known Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Ski Slopes” that is published in Women on Business says that: “Until you’re at the bottom – and you flop over on your poles, exhausted from exertion. But you made it, one turn at a time, one small win after another. And, at the end of every run, you get to look back and see how high and how far you’ve come.” (Women on Business Community member, 2019)


This is a great example on if we focus on what we need to focus on, this is where we will be lead to – to success. It is of course okay to be sad about the missed opportunity, but it is also important to remember that a missed opportunity could be a sign for redirection in life. There are many slopes to ski from the mountain, and you just need to know which one works the best for you. It is also important to know beforehand which path is the most suitable one for you. 


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