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Cultural differences

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Cultural differences

Culture in general is wide topic to talk about. Especially when you are comparing to other nationalities with your foreign friend. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t hardly any common manners or things between the different countries. On the other hand, is very fascinating to realize that some other human being has lived his whole life breathing the same air but is used to whole another everyday routine. All in all, cultural differences make the world a whole lot richer and more interesting place to live.

In my time in army, I had a Chilean roommate. We quickly build up a strong chemistry and started to share our stories about own home countries. We had lots of time to talk because we used to always wait our turn to wait again  Chile as a country is divided. There is in common knowledge that this side of the country is where only rich people live and life is good, vice versa with other side. In Finland we have of course “areas” where people at least pretend to be wealthy, but we don’t have so strong split in here. People in Chile are also very hot blooded and noisy, most of the time vice versa again in here. Family is seeing also little bit differently there; it is common to follow your father’s footsteps or his advice for your career. In Finland I think young people can quite freely choose their own desires without family’s force to do something. Okay there was couple of things.

I hope that I can learn more interesting and new stuff about different countries in the future.

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