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Commentary Essay

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This is a commentary essay to 3 essays found in the essay bank.

Mulperi in Paris by Kamil Wojcik, Sanni Hujanen and Susanna Mäkelä


Kamil and others wrote an essay about their trip to Paris in 8th of September 2022 titled: “Mulperi in Paris”. The style of writing is great, as it keeps the reader engaged. When I opened the essay and saw it said reading time 11min, I was like yikes, but decided to start reading anyway. To my surprise, the way this essay was written kept me so well engaged that it didn’t feel like a long read at all.


Some key notes I have:

  • Veja’s founder Sebastien Kopp talking about how the word sustainability should be replaced with the word reality.
  • Bruno Pavlovsky talking about Chanel and how “creation” is at the center of Chanel, and how the importance is in the emotions, not numbers.
  • Anholts words about keeping in mind that doing best while providing financially, is the best business.


I really enjoyed the realness of the essay, the writers were not hiding that not everything would have been perfect, and their team would not have had any problems, but the most I enjoyed seeing Paris (my absolute favorite city) through the eyes of others. It was interesting to see how the French level of style, elegance and luxury can be seen in the ways the event was organized. For example, the location of the conference at Chanel’s Le19M.


This essay inspires me to start looking for opportunities to go networking abroad, maybe even to Paris!



The Future of the Luxury Industry by Ella Muja.


Ella wrote on 23rd of January 2023 about the luxury industry and how it needs to adapt to maintain it relevancy in the future. As a huge lover of luxury fashion and a person who has written multiple essays with this topic (wink wink 😉 ), I was very interested to read how another person is looking at the future of this industry.


Some key takeaways:

  • Six words luxury brands need to focus to: People, products, passion, pleasure, purpose and price.
  • Savoir-faire – the unique know how of a luxury brand


I enjoyed how Ella focused on pointing out clear ways to improve sustainability in regard to Luxury Fashion: Cut back on packaging, switching to vegan leather or focusing on workers. As mentioned in the essay Hermes is a great example of a luxury brand that keeps so tightly on of their past, that has bad effects regarding sustainability today and to mention this in the essay was a smart move to get started with the topic as the reader had a clear image in their mind of the “problem”.


After reading this essay, I feel I have an overview understanding of the different reports, certifications and regulations, and now it’s easier for me to start looking into them more, starting from the once I find most valuable and interesting to me right now.


Love and Kindness as a superpower by Jemina Laitinen


7th of December 2022 Jemina wrote about the practice of loving kindness meditation and the affects it has had in researched cases. What caught my eye was really the title of this essay. As a person who wants to go towards positive things, I knew I had to read this essay when I saw the title.


I had previously no experience or knowledge of such existing mental practice, so getting a brief introduction to it in the beginning was very nice and helped to continue the essay through.


Some key takeaways:

  • Doing LKM for 2 weeks helped Jemina to overcome anxiety over her injury and focus on positive thoughts instead of negative once and thus aided her recovery process.
  • Jemina believes LKM practice could help teams solve conflicts and issues.


I enjoyed the honesty of this essay, no sugar coating of how she felt when the process of recovery took its setback. The structure of the essay made it very easy to follow and read. This essay made me want to try out this method myself to see if I could improve my overall feelings and possibly release anxiety and depressive episodes.


Written by: Emilia Parikka

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