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Can I get an thesis from Koenigsegg?

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In this essay, I will talk about my application process to one of the most high-end car manufacturers in the world.


Why I chose Koenigsegg?

I want to get something meaningful out of my thesis. Something that I will remember years after I´ve graduated. Koenigsegg as a company has interested me since I was a kid so I had the idea to apply there to do my thesis.


Why Koenigsegg why am I so keen on the brand?

Koenigsegg is an automotive company that produces the world’s fastest cars. They were based in the small town of Ängenholm south Sweden. The company isn´t that big and it´s still able to challenge and outrun the big old car manufacturers for me it is fascinating. The brand was founded in 94´and since then the company has made drastic improvements in the technology of their cars after each model they have published.


How did I proceed?

First I approached them with Email with my Tuni Email. (Yes really important) I explained who I´m where I´m contacting and why I am contacting you. An automated message answered me and directed me to apply from the Jobylon work application form. There was a CV, Cover letter, and application text space, and if you wanted a video application. So I started to do my CV I haven´t done it for 2 years so it took a while. Then I spent plenty of time building a compact cover letter focusing on how could I bring value to the Koenigsegg organization. After that, I made a video where I told about myself. Here is an example of my cover letter:


So how did this go in the end?

Of my unluck and probably lack of hard expertise Koenigsegg never got back to me. Although I never got an answer I still feel that it was beneficial to apply there. I really focused on details in my CV, Cover letter, and my application video. I spent a lot of time creating them but I learned new things. And now I don´t have to “Jossitella” basically means that I would never have applied and then say to myself, what if, what if?


Should you apply to your dream company?

Totally. You just have to time it right. What is the right time in your career to apply there and do you have it what it takes? Don´t get disappointed if you can´t get the place get more experience and learn more and apply again. Don´t follow the saying “Never meet your heroes” or if you want to miss opportunities follow but if you are like me go for it!

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