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Business and Technology

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Business and technology


Today amazing achievements are coming out in the field of scientific and technical research and if a scientific approach is taken towards these researches, then these are achievements for the sake of mankind. But political powers have made them assets by tying them in geographical boundaries. But the developed countries unfortunately today act as a ‘gift’ or ‘punishment’ for the developing countries. Seeing the dazzle of these achievements, developed countries do not hesitate to play with the sovereignty, independence and cultural identity of underdeveloped countries.


The race for global commercial techno-colonialism in the latter half of the twentieth century has intensified after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Prior to this, due to the mutual competition between the US and the Soviet Union, some form of balance was maintained, whose character was not very exploitative even though it was colonial. Due to technological development, the production of goods and services has increased manifold and due to this growth, business activities have increased manifold. Producer countries see newly independent or developing countries as a large ‘market’, which they now prefer to win on the strength of their influence rather than by strategic power, even in the name of ‘open trade’ or in the name of ‘Technical Cooperation’ or ‘Patent’.


Globalisation of the economy has forced the developing countries or developed countries to compromise their sovereign status in one way or the other, whether it is the matter of their foreign policy, economic policies, this has also affected their political and social policies. If a country tries to stay outside the purview of this globalisation, it is doomed to remain ‘underdeveloped’ or ‘backward’. “America is the biggest sponsor of this commercial colonialism and along with it are many other developed countries” (O’Barr 2005). These groups of countries are heavily dominated by institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc. Just as the developed countries have used the platform of ‘United Nations’ for their selfishness or have always neglected it, in the same way, the use of ‘WTO’ has been kept as an alternative remedy by the developed countries. When America’s ‘patent’ rights are violated, then it will resort to ‘WTO’, but if its trade balance deteriorates, then it will protect its markets by creating non-coastal barriers. Not only India, but the attitude of America has also been with developed countries like Japan, it has also been shown that ‘WTO’ has become ineffective with its birth and its use has become optional.

“Nuclear power plants continue to be among the best-protected private sector facilities in the nation” (NEI 2016).  Nuclear-power is also being used as a monetary power. Not only this, the five leading countries also claim to consider it their ancestral property and they have also got their authorization signed by almost all the active countries of the world on the nuclear-delimitation treaty. Obviously, when from America to a retarded child, understanding that no war can be won with nuclear weapons, only the end of humanity, then how will it be used as a ‘means of security’? Obviously, the purpose is not of security etc., the real purpose is to make every possible use of it in establishing dominance. The whole world is itself terrorised by America’s nuclear power and it offers to give its guardianship to neighboring countries by ‘warning’ the nuclear potential of individual countries in isolated regions. There are other similar modes of this neo-imperialism. In the name of violating the ‘Missile Technology Control System’, the US seeks to disrupt our space research, whether by threatening direct sanctions or using means such as pressure on Russia not to provide cryogenic technology.



There is also a worrying aspect of this whole context that on the one hand we are building an institution like ‘World Trade Organisation’ in the name of globalisation of economy and on the other hand many regional groups ‘NAFTA’, ‘European Union’, ‘OPEC’. , ‘ASEAN’, ‘ACS’, ‘Comes’, ‘SAPTA’ etc. are also involved in the construction. If these regional factions functioned like a federal system, that would have been fine, but it is not. These will only be a hindrance towards the success of the ‘WTO’ and at the same time the globalisation of the economy. IN the end, when it comes to freedom from the clutches of this neo-imperialism, the same old path is suitable for this. If all the affected countries show mutual unity, give priority to their domestic development, then this new imperialism will also succumb, no doubt about it.



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