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Believing in your product

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Believing in your product

What does it mean to believe in your product? Does it even matter if you don’t believe in the product, but just pretend that you do?

Believing in your product is crucial when it comes to sale. If you do not believe in your product, how can you expect others to do so? Your confidence and passion towards the product will shine to the customers and they will more likely trust it and invest in it. This works also the other way around. Your disbelief and skepticism will shine through to the customers, and it will feed doubt and distrust and it can create a bad reputation.

Previously I didn’t think that that a sellers conversation skills and belief in the product played such a large role in making sales. I have always wanted to learn more about sales and especially the mentality of “how to sell anything to anyone”. I know that these sales days were a great step towards that direction.

I had a very eye-opening experience with selling candles during the sales days. At first, I thought that the product I got to sell was a product that I wouldn’t want to buy myself. I was skeptical of it and even though we got a long pitch of the product from the project team, and I could see why some people would like the product, I was even more skeptical after the pitch. I could not see the bright sides of the offering and wanted to concentrate my sales days to a different service instead.

When we had sales day training by a coach, we had to divide into 3 teams each with a different product/service. We had the candle group empty so I went to join the candle group. The task was to think about all the best parts in the candles and create good sales arguments. We also had to come up with how you would sell them and where. We thought about all the possible options. I came to terms with the candles and saw why they are good and what could be the reasons that people would buy them.

Our sales day project leader divided us to small sub teams, and I was placed firstly to the candle group and as a possible extra help to the gutter cleaning service team.

 When the sales days came closer and closer it became clear that I would be mostly selling the candles. I was convincing myself why these candles are so good and ended up convincing also myself to buy the product.

On the first day I sold a lot of the toffee scent candles. As a matter of fact, all my sales were toffee flavored candles, I didn’t realize it at first, but I really didn’t believe or like the citrus flavored option.  Subconsciously I made sales of the product which I preferred. My sales pitch was very good on the toffee flavored one, but it lacked the depth on the citrus.

The next day I heard some good points about the citron candle, I came to know that the candle is working also as a environment friendly mosquito repellent. I created a strong sales pitch for this “summer terrace mosquito candle” and that’s when I sold the idea to myself. After that I started to get sales on selling the citrus candle, in fact I was mostly selling the citrus after that. This was very interesting to observe, I realized that what the customers preferred didn’t have much to do with the product that they took home. The salesman is making the selling and the sales are completely the reflection on the salesman’s belief of the product.

I got very interested in this. I never thought that he salesman’s own belief in the product was such a big factor in the sales process.  I enjoyed the process of realizing what actual selling is. When you sell the idea of this product, even if its heavily overpriced; to a customer that has been hesitant before.


To sum up everything that has been stated so far having faith in your product is crucial for the success of the sales. Customers will more likely feel like they made a good purchase and even want to return to make more purchases based on their sales experience with you, this can lead to positive word to mouth marketing and it I’ll be positive for your future revenue.

Believe in your product and spend time in selling the idea first to yourself.


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