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Being Finance Leader

Kirjoittanut: Emilia Laakso - tiimistä Kaaos.

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Finance leader in team Kaaos

This semester I am the finance leader for team Kaaos but I feel like I have not done much leading. Most of the time I felt really lost and confused. I chose to be the finance leader mostly because I was encouraged by my team since I had previously been in the finance team helping with the prior finance leader. I also chose to take this opportunity to be the finance leader to learn hard things in a safe environment. I feel like finance is one of the hardest things to learn regarding owning a business and I am happy to get the chance to learn all this in Proakatemia. In our finance team, there are only two of us, I could not be more grateful for the person helping me with finance, I feel like she is the real finance leader and not me lol. But she has taught me SO much and she is very educated in many of the topics regarding finance. I am not sure if I will continue as a finance leader but I do know that I definitely want to continue learning it.

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