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Art World in Metaverse

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Imagine being surrounded by an immersive environment where the visuals are designed the way you please them to be and any sort of aesthetic that are out of your pleasure are stroke out of your vision with a pinch of your fingers. Your surroundings are a fruition of your own imagination and you are in full control. This is how I would describe Metaverse to a stranger I just met at a café and make them want to order another cup of coffee to keep the conversation going. And for many times, it have seemed to work!

The concept of the Metaverse is envisioned to be a platform(s) where you are limited only by your own imagination and creativity, which literally means that Metaverse is basically what you build on it. A similar concept that comes to my mind is “you get what you give”. In this case the concept could be rephrased as: “if you want to have a picnic on Mars while a pink volcano is erupting, you need to create an erupting volcano on Mars to have a picnic next to.”. And this is only one of the millions of metaverse platforms you can be a part of. You can create a platform to be shared with your best friends, or you can create a platform to spend some me time. It is all up to you and what you envision. Just like how many of the projects are born, the metaverse you create will also start firstly with your own vision. This is a platform where great minds gather together.

“At the end of the day, it is really the creators and developers who are going to build the metaverse and make this real” – Mark Zuckerberg

Even though the version of Metaverse that was created by Zuckerberg is not the one that has been accepted by the most around the world, one thing to remember is that Metaverse is not owned by one person and can not be owned by one person either. It is a shared platform where everyone has the right to create something. So why wouldn’t that be you to be the next creator of Metaverse?

Content creation has been already a hot topic for the digital business world. With our current internet system it iseasily possible to create any content within seconds. The next level of content creation in Metaverse will require different tools and skills for the creators of the future and it will have a vital role for any business to survive. If the companies do not adopt to this new technology at its early ages, in the future most of the companies might struggle to catch up with the creators that have been in the industry for years already.

As Metaverse is the perfect place for creators of today, it is also a new platform for artists to show their creativity and let their audience have the 360 experience of their artwork. The artwork you create could be an environment where you can walk around as a flaneur, an immersive painting where the audience can interact with the objects within the artwork or be an object within the artwork and see the outside world through the painting, a 360 sound experience where the audience interacts with the music by touching the sound waves, or any other immersive creative art form that can be implemented in Metaverse. At the end of the day, it’s the artists’ vision the audience gets to experience.

All of these opportunities will open doors for content that is multidimensional. Not only immersive, focused and accessible across the globe, but also fully interactive. These interactions, however, will go way beyond the likes or comments that we’re used to. Audiences can give their feedback live, in real-time. Thanks to these deeper and more meaningful interactions, the relationship between fans and creators will also evolve into new dimensions. Very soon metaverse parties and fan meets could become a thing where creators and audiences can meet and interact face-to-face in virtual homes or workspaces. (Nasdaq 2022)

Art in general is supposed to activate some human feelings inside of the audience in a way that they get a glimpse of the painter’s own feelings. Art is a great way of exchanging feelings and learning about each others own way of handling certain feelings. The experience of enjoying an artwork should be in a way that the audience feels like they are in the painting and viewing the brush lines from the main point of view. What VR technology allows both the artists and the observers is the exchange of stories through people while involving all the senses a human has in an immersive environment.

The VR technology allows the audience to view every single paint brush that was stroked by an artist to be seen up close by freely moving around the painting and interacting with it. With this type of immersive experience in a painting the audience gets the VIP ticket to see the backstage of the story that is being told.

In an article called Into the Metaverse: What Does it Mean for the Art World the art experience is mentioned as: “’For great artists like Van Gogh, it’s the pain and the trauma that’s very important in his art. If we take away the trauma and the pain, can he still create superb art? That is the question we’re asking,” the game’s co-designer Alan Kwan tells RTHK in a documentary. “We really want people to experience what artists are experiencing in the contemporary art world.” (Wong 2022).

From my experience of painting in VR for the past couple of months, I realized that as an artist I get to experience both to be the artist and the audience in my own painting since the technology allows me to paint inside of my own painting. This is a very unique experience for any artist which is not possible to have in our current 2D art techniques. Even though the art that is being created such as in Blender or Cinema 4D softwares, the experience of the 3D model is still 2D. You can not touch them nor interact with them. On the other hand, in the virtual reality the art is fully 3D and as a plus you are a part of the painting.






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