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Agustín Gutiérrez V.: How to avoid the Abandoned Cart in your eCommerce

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How to avoid the Abandoned Cart in your eCommerce.

by Agustín Gutiérrez V.

September 26th, 2019.

It is common to consider that a 1% rate of conversion is quite normal in your eCommerce, if
you have lower than that rate you should worry. This means that from 100 persons who visit
your store only 1 proceed to purchase and complete an order.
Of course the last sentence is not obvious for every store, it may depend in the kind of
product you sell and in the purchase involvement of any possible client. If you want to buy a
Macbook Pro it is more likely that you visit the store more than once before you make a
purchase, which would not be the case of buying a coffee bag of 1kg for the monthly
consumption from a coffee shop.
This is why increasing your conversion rate is very difficult, and one of the main solutions is
through ‘’Avoid the Abandon Checkout’’.
I’ll proceed giving you some advices in order to turn down your amount of abandon checkout
so you can increase your conversion rate.
1. Answer every possible question your clients could or may have.
Your store’s web page must be the place where you can solve any doubt your client may
have, I don’t mean that you should start chatting or having a conversation meanwhile he is
visiting your store. But you must solve the following common doubts: Shipping Rates,
Delivery time, Refund Policy, Contact information, Payment Accepted.
If your store’s web page does not have this these answer clear, the probabilities of losing a
possible purchase are way higher. By not answering this simple concepts you are giving a
reason to your client to leave the web page and to wonder why they do not have this things
clear, which can be translated to a lack of professionalism.
2. Always show your eCommerce is SAFE and with SSL Certificate.
Showing confidence and safety in your site is one of the most crucial and important things.
Having ecommerce is having a web page where your customers must be willing to pay you
with their credit or debit card. And this involves them to put their secret number, their bank
account and other personal information, so it is very important to show them you have a
safety web page that makes them feel safe, but more important, will be safe.
3. Make it easy and clear for visitors.
Once the client clicks “add to cart” any product and it goes to the checkout page it is
because he is decided to buy or there is a purchase intention , meaning they might be willing
to pay for some of your products. This is like the “ Hottest Client” in your Funnel, but of
course any doubt or any mistake you have in your visual or design of your checkout page it
might result in a change of mind of the client and might end in no sale at all. So you’ve got to
keep a clean design, a fast loading time web page and of course payment conditions must
be clear. The more honest and clean your page is, the most sales you will have.
4. Pop Ups / Discounts / SALES / Apps.
It is very important to keep your clients inside your web page and the only way to “interact”
with them is by a live chat, chatbot, or some pop ups in order to make them to take action.
For this, I highly recommend the following apps for your store (all of them are based on
Shopify Platform).
● Wheelio: This one of the best apps of Pop Ups sales in the market, it has a
conversion rate over the 20%. This is the magic wheel where you offer a discount, or
anything free for your client unless they write their email.
● Privy: This is the basic tool for Pop Ups, it may not have a big conversion rate but
allows you to increase your database for free.
● Recart: This awesome app recounts the abandoned checkout and takes it to the next
level, allowing you to send Facebook messages and by email to those who leave the
web page without conversion.
5. Use feedbacks & ratings in your store.
The last but not least important thing is to have very clear understanding of all the ratings
and feedback your customers gave or can give to you in your website. This will allow you to
validate and transmit confidence in your products, in your web page, in your security, in your
shipping method, and basically anything you can improve on time. Because of this, your
potential clients can decide between all the alternatives and products you have based on the
comments and feedback some other clients had made.
For this I recommend Yotpo App., a rating and feedback app that can help you to go up in
the searches in Google and improve your SEO.
Finally, you have to consider that having eCommerce is a place where your customers put
their interest, time but mostly their trust, even their bank accounts. So you must have a web
page where you can show and transmit confidence and trust in order to avoid the abandon
checkout, a key goal for every eCommerce.

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