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AerOff study case: B2B digital transformation

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A study for the AerOff company case as the team’s client was driven to solve the actual need of Aeroff by bringing up some solutions to improve and optimize the AerOff  website as well as boost up AerOff’s activities actively on the social media platforms. There is really a trigger for the whole team in such a short time of the course to be able to understand totally about AerOff product, their company and business, as well as to identify the needs, markets or product proposition, etc. to be able to offer AerOff the most suitable optimized solutions. 

Besides dealing with business development or offering the solutions for market needs, the young Startup like AerOff has to face many other obstacles. Among them is the transformation of digital technology which is a famous trend in the business environment nowadays. Generally, like most of the technical Startup companies, we understand what AerOff has been building until now is the basic stuff of a Startup. The company may improve them in every phase of their development. The solutions that we are going to propose can be useful for now or later, depending on their needs or their readiness for the improvement.

Website is an essential part of all businesses nowadays, not only to introduce the information about the company, to be an online shop to sell the products or service, but also to play the role as a virtual house for guests to visit and by that the company can develop their networking, gather sales lead and launch the marketing campaigns, etc. However, for the B2B market, the website can be built very differently, mostly serving the purpose of offering the information about the products and service and then developing a networking system. Besides presenting the information clearly, the website should also bring the professional image or can show well the know-how of the business or company, while can engage the visitors to have further interaction with the brand. 

Nowadays along the fast changing digital transformation trend, the expectation of B2B buyers when working with the suppliers has changed significantly. That means it is not only simply to close the deal for a big contract, but the buyers also participate in the end-to-end process of a whole digital experience offered by the sellers. Hence, the sellers should be aware, adapt and turn fit to satisfy the needs as well as prioritize to offer the digital experience in their strategic development plan.

Aeroff website plays quite well the  function of providing the information and showing the reason to believe, like giving the clues or trusted evidence about their radical improvement solutions, their professionals, knowhow or excellence, the innovation certificate and valuable partners. Also, another good point is that the pages are built in bilingual languages which Aeroff uses to aim to reach to the foreign markets easilier. 

However, when the team first visited the website of AerOff to check out the information for this project related to AerOff, generally we had the feeling that the website is a bit cold and has not created much engaging feeling. We also checked out some other websites in the same field and compared them with the AerOff website. We tried to pick up some good points from the AerOff competitors’ websites while still keeping the ‘spotlight’ and ‘soul’ of AerOff website, like their know-know background for radical improvement solutions. In order to do so, we went through all the pages of AerOff website and used the common standard criteria which was drawn out from our competitor benchmarking to see what points needed the improvement. At the same time, we considered elements that can help keep the ‘legs’ of visitors on pages longer besides having enough information about products, solution and know-how of AerOff, as well as to know their needs and behaviors towards the searching for the purchasing on digital platforms. 

According to the research of superoffice.com, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience than price and product which means that the customer experience plays a crucial role as the key brand differentiator and a research of TrustRadius also mentioned that 87% of B2B Tech buyers want self-service options of their buying journey. Especially in the period of lock-down for Corona, 33% of buyers said they spent more time from home searching for the product information this year. Five common searching sources before making the purchasing decisions are: product demos, product websites, user reviews, seller reps, and free trials/accounts.

Therefore, we can see that optimizing the performance of the company website together with social media channels to support good self-serve the experience for B2B buyers should be put into the consideration as soon as possible, like the turning point to the technology in the pandemic period. 

Therefore, we came up with some proposals. One of them is to nurture the marketing contents. AerOff website has not so plentiful contents, especially the information of products are not presented clearly enough. As the role of visitor, we felt hard to understand the product category of the company. Furthermore, if AerOff would like to use the website to support recruitment, then it may be hard for job seekers to understand their products. We would recommend to explain the products using the simple common words which can still express fully the functions, outstanding features, etc. of the product. Besides, creating marketing messages which can be presented at same time on the top banner of the website to highlight the professionalism, team power, vision and mission of AerOff can create more engagement to the brand.

The content marketing strategy can also apply together with the visual image/video to multiply the brand engagement effect. Enriching the numbers of video and images with interesting content is the key for the visitor to stay longer or even to return later.

In conclusion, improving performance on websites and social media platforms is crucial for companies to keep up with the digital transformation wave of the world in general and that of their competitors in particular.

It not only changes the digital infrastructure, but also requires the strategic adoption in the mindset of the players who participate in the fast changing digital market battle. In the case of AerOff, they need the outstanding digital marketing strategy to use suitable online marketing channels to the B2B market. The changing can be separated into many phases, depending on their strategy and financial situation, but they can prioritize to optimize the owned media channels like websites, Facebook page, LinkedIn and Instagram,… and from there spreading their branding awareness and enhance their well-known level by earned media. Paid-media channels can be distributed according to the AerOff’s business goal, timing and financial capability, while a digital marketing action plan is highly recommended to lead their brand to success.


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