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A good blog

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I’ve read a few blogs in my life and now that I’m writing one, I wonder if I’m doing it well. I know that a good and catchy title is required. Then the writing style should make the reader want to read more. The content might not even matter if your writing style is top notch. If you have the ability to get people to read, then use it.


Teachingenglish.org has published an article about how to write a good blog. Of course, they start with picking a catchy title. But what after that?


The structure of the blog is important. They’re claiming that your main point should be in the first paragraph, since that’s the thing the reader reads first. Writing style is listed there also. A friendly approach is always better than a hostile one. (Teachingenglish.org)


The topics must be interesting. Something that changes weekly. For example, reflecting and writing about your work or whatever has happened in there might be interesting to some people. Of course, the best way to pick topics is by living them yourself. So, if you go to a conference write about it in your blog. Write what you’ve learned and what will you take in to practice.


What I found very important was a list of things to avoid. The list stated these things:


– Always try to avoid being negative. If there is something you don’t like, then it’s better just to not write about it.

– It’s important to raise issues, but don’t try to impose your beliefs on others.

– Don’t include links to commercial sites or resources.

– Don’t include links to inappropriate materials.

– Never give specific names, places, addresses or contact details


So, now it’s the time for you to try your own blog with the tips that I have written down or you can search the internet for more information.


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