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My plans for the upcoming semester

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Last year at proakatemia

I´m now starting my last year in proakatemia which sounds really weird but true. I have tried many things I´ve had different perceptions. I have grown. I have a bit different way of learning when I think about something I might create a really strong opinion about it and believe in it really stubbornly. Now I have started to think more broadly which is an awesome improvement! I think it´s awesome akatemia and I have combined my needs and the akatemia requirements in a way that we have affected both sides positively. Many schools could learn from this.

I will have my thesis upcoming which on the school side will be my top main priority. I´m also going to be the business leader for Flip. This is my second time as a business leader but the last time I was doing it with a pair. Now I will be doing it alone. A lot has changed since my last time as a business leader, we have a lot fewer people on our team and I have changed my perception of leadership as well. My style as a leader has changed a lot and I´m confident that we will have a good semester. I have also learned a lot of new techniques and theories which I want to take into practice during my position.


Business leader 

As a business leader, I will focus on the Final camp, Learning journey, Thesis, Projects, and visitors. That´s a lot to do and there are not many of us left anymore so we will have a challenge moderating our time. We will face conflicts. Before I officially start my role I will look behind my earlier bl semester and do things differently. And I promise A LOT to do 🙂 I have challenges with my memory at times, when I have a lot on my plate I tend to forget things like meetings, reporting, etc. I have a calendar and a daily task list of what I go through every morning. In the future, I will spend more time creating a schedule for the whole team which is really important for most of my teammates. I try to take the most out of the last year and have fun with my team.



The thesis will be my first one of its kind and I´m looking forward to it. I applied to do thesis work in a polish car event brand but they couldn´t promise me that I will have work from there I´m hopeful. The brand I applied to does the events better than other brands the details and design of the brand and the event itself are different from all the other brands. I have a background in car event organization so I figured I could give added value to the event organizers this is why I applied to this brand. It would be inspiring to work with a brand like this.

The reason I want to do it for a client is that I will have more pressure to do it really well and I will open doors there after my thesis.

The subject of the thesis is probably event production and how I have improved during these 3 years.

With the Thesis, my goal is to open new doors after school and get the best possible number with the subject of my interest open one still is about the event assistant role in Poland and I have big hopes for it.

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