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Know your stuff

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International business in general is what I’m aiming for. I see no point in just doing something in your own country. The thrill of travelling and all the experiences that doing international business brings is just amazing. Working with people from different cultures would be a valuable experience and would help me in the future when I’m going international.


People like to settle for just doing business in their own countries. I know that in Finland when talking about going international it might frighten some people. For some reason it sounds scary to go out there and conquer the world. It might be that the Finnish mindset is made to settle for less. Dreaming and thinking big is hard for us who are not that ambitious.


Over the years I’ve realized that you will not succeed unless you’re willing to think big. I’ve told in my previous blogs that I never really had a dream job when I was a kid. I just wanted to use my English skills. I think that that way of thinking might have helped me to start thinking big.



I stumbled across an article about what to take into consideration when wanting to take your business international. The first thing was culture. Knowing how to conduct business among the “local” markets is extremely important. The article stated a few questions to think about before going out there to the international market:

Does your product or service provide a need or desire by the local consumers?

Are there language and cultural differences? How will you overcome these?

Can you manage the time zone difference effectively? (Brian Abner 2015)


Of course, you would have to see if there’s any legal barriers preventing you to do business in some countries. Maybe the government could stop you. All the protection policies for businesses are not the same in every country. You could get scammed very easily.


So, I’d suggest doing a lot of work beforehand. Check the markets, check the legal things. There is never too much to be done when doing the background checks.


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