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7 Rules for cultivating greater happiness, brought to us by Stefan Sagmeister

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7 Rules for cultivating greater happiness brought to us by Stefan Sagmeister: 

  • Simplification over ambition: Instead of setting overly ambitious goals, opt for simpler and more achievable actions. The pursuit of small, manageable habits can lead to lasting happiness.  


  • Start small: Initiate behavioural changes with minimal effort. Whether it’s a one-minute run or a small dietary adjustment, these easy-to-achieve actions can serve as building blocks for larger, more significant changes. 


  • “Bad2 at first: Acknowledge that the journey to happiness may involve initially being less proficient at new habits. Accepting imperfection allows for a smoother transition into positive behaviors without succumbing to the pressure of immediate success. 


  • Focus on revision, not perfection: Consistency is key. Instead of aiming for perfection, prioritize repeating small, positive actions daily. The goal is to establish these behaviors as habits that become ingrained in your routine. 


  • Meaningful connections: The importance of friendships and relationships cannot be overstated. Invest time and effort in building and maintaining meaningful connections, as they significantly contribute to overall happiness. 


  • Achievable steps: While grand plans may seem enticing, temporarily set them aside. Break down larger goals into ridiculously easy, achievable steps. This approach ensures progress even on days when circumstances are challenging. 


  • Organic growth: Recognize the power of habit formation. Once a behavior becomes ingrained, it requires less effort and willpower. Over time, these better-than-nothing habits can evolve organically into more substantial and sustainable changes, contributing to increased happiness. 





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