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ZAG – The #1 strategy of high-performance brands

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Nowadays, competition has forced companies to take on a new strategy. Finding demand that isn’t already filled is possible but holding the position as the only provider is not that simple. That’s why marketing and, first and foremost, branding has become more and more important area in the business.

ZAG is a book by “The author of the brand gap”. The book explains how branding is essential in an age of consumption, like 21st Century. To reach the advantage of a great brand, business strategy behind the design must be clear. Every detail is significant because the aim of the brand is to make an impression in customers imagination of the product. According to the book, brand management consists of the visual appearance, ways to make an effect, as well as taking the human psychological side into account.

In a nutshell, ZAG gives 17 different steps in how to build up a brand that differentiates from the others, so that the customer is prone to use it rather than other similar products in the markets. The strategy that ZAG is all about is easy to adopt. It manages to bring together all the possible pieces that needs to be taken into account while trying to achieve radical differentiation.

The book was important to our team because we are in the stage of building our own company Kajo’s brand. So far, Kajo’s business is based on different kind of projects. As a team, we all agree that we are willing to make every task in line with our values. On the other hand, we want to communicate same values through our visuals as we maintain in our working culture. Another great tool for brand management that we used was Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism.

All in all, branding is essential in markets nowadays. In fact, branding itself doesn’t even fill all the requirements of the customer. To gain a stable position and make an impression there needs to be radical differentiation.



ZAG – The #1 strategy of high-performance brands, Marty Neumeier