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Why would I start with why?

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We’ve all read articles and stories of people, who have finally found their passion, and are able to make their living by doing what they love. Doesn’t that sound great? To me it most certainly does. I’m still a young individual, but it strikes me with awe when I hear these stories or read about them. When I think of what is truly my passion, my mind goes blank. Shouldn’t one be able to define their passion by just knowing who they are? Wish it was that simple. I had a little spark in my eyes when I saw the book ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek on our booklist, because what I just talked about, is kind of what Simon Sinek unravels in the book. Sinek’s basic way of thinking is: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And when you think of it, great leaders and companies naturally start all communication with why they do things, followed by how they do them and at the end revealing what it is they actually do. What I learned from this, is that people are more driven with the why factor than actually the how and what factor. Fascinating.

Reading more into the book I truly understood why companies actually want to hire excited employees, and why they want to take care of them. The more excited one is to do their job, the more they will get done in a short time, and once a company takes care of their employees, they make sure the employees stay excited and still want to work for the company after years and years.

As I’ve had many sales jobs already, I’ve many times fallen into the pit of selling by the price. It just seems easy, and if you don’t pay close attention, it looks like it always works. But that’s actually not the case; people are more interested in buying a product when they know the why behind it, and Sinek explains in the book, that salesmen should not rely on different quirky selling techniques, rather they should rely on telling the customers the companies why factor and the salesman’s own why factor. This creates a trust bond with the potential customer, and even though they might not become customers right away, if executed properly, the customer will remember the company who treated them with respect and told the why’s behind the product, and they might become long lasting customers after all. As a salesman, you could choose the easy way out and sell with the price, but after all, it isn’t closely as satisfying making the sales as it is when you know you’ve made value to the customer by being genuine and truthful. This is something I must try the next time I go to work. Hope it works.