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To master all five disciplines

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A mastermind called Peter Senge defines five disciplines of a learning organization, and lists them as follows:


  1. Personal Mastery. A discipline of getting more insight on our personal visions, mastering patience and viewing reality objectively.
  2. Mental Models. Ingrained assumptions, ways of thinking and images in our minds that affect the way we understand the world, and how we take action.
  3. Shared Vision. To build a shared point of view or a goal, that every individual of a certain team wants to achieve. Needed to build common understandings and commitments.
  4. Team Learning. Team based learning system, where team members share experiences, thoughts, knowledge and skills with other members so that the team can learn how to do things better and more effectively
  5. Systems thinking. Enables teams to find out the hidden subtleties, influences, leverage points and intended or unintended consequences of change plans and programs. This leads to a deeper, more complete awareness of the interconnections behind changing any system.


Senge states, that in order to have a successful learning organization, each member of the team have to understand the five disciplines, and learn through them. All of the disciplines are essentially there to help a team work better together.


The team learning discipline has been discovered to be a very effective way for a team to learn together, and to build trust and team spirit. Team based learning system requires all of the members to be present in a session, so that everyone can take part of the experience and share their thoughts and skills with others. Through team based learning people tend to be more proactive disregarding the subject.


As the team learns to educate each other, the members should think of a shared goal that the team wants to achieve. This shared goal has to be chosen by all of the members, so that everyone can put out their best efforts.


In my opinion, the most intriguing discipline Senge talks about is personal mastery. According to him, we must differentiate between vision, goals and objectives. A vision is an image of the future that we desire, and specific goals and objectives will serve to help achieve the vision. The vision should also have a purpose to not be pointless. Personal mastery is something I see as personal learning, and bettering yourself. The more you can define your goals or desires, the better you will do when trying to achieve them.


We all must work on ourselves to work better in a team, and we must include the five powerful disciplines in our teamwork, to become more efficient, and ultimately the best at what we do.