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The Value of Communication – Photo reaction essay

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The Value of Communication Photo Reaction Paper



Network, TL (2019). Travel . The New York Times. Read on October 23, 2022, from https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/25/learning/travel.html

I love to travel, especially with my family and close friends. This picture caught my attention, and I am guilty of this sometimes. I will try to give my reaction as to how I view it through the lens of the value of communication.


In the picture, I can see two people traveling on a train. The view from the outside was that of an airport in the middle of the countryside. It is interesting to notice that both are engaged in their own gadget even if they have a picturesque view from the panoramic window.


Nowadays, technology is at the forefront of our lives. It is essential in every aspect we have as a person. Technology makes our lives a lot easier making our work done faster and more efficiently. It brings us closer to people because we can video chat with anyone in the world with just a click of our hands. So, if this is true, I wonder why the two people on the train lack interaction with each other. They seem unhappy and alienated. Does someone say that technology could bring people together? Should they be happier?


To answer these, one of the common ways to engage with technology is with the use of smartphones. It can be a way for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. Thus, the presence of technology nowadays can be an advantage to us probably because of the availability of knowledge, comfort, and the wide range of innovation it gives. Although we enjoy the many rewards of technology there are also some disadvantages that may cause no beneficial results especially in our communication and in the relationship, we are building around us.

In fact, an article published by marriage.com last March 30, 2020. Rachel Pace defines Relational Communication as a process of communication that involves personal relationships, which may include friends, family, and a romantic partner. However, research about communication proves that it is referred to as a subset of interpersonal communication. A field that deals with the study of verbal and nonverbal communication in a personal relationship.

She also cited themes of relational communications such as.

  • Dominance versus Submission
  • Intimacy
  • Chemistry
  • Emotional connectivity
  • Way of interaction
  • Social composure in the presence of someone.
  • Orientations to a task or a social activity.

Although the theory stated in the article primarily focuses on marriage, it is also applicable to other relationships we have. We cannot neglect the fact that it may affect us all.

Going back to the picture, I assume that the two people are deeply knowledgeable in the use of technology. However, they seem unaware of the downside it brings to their communication. They may be physically together on this trip, but their minds are elsewhere. They are missing a good chance of being close together. The premise that technology gives, making people draw raw closer, is not true. Hence, if we are not careful. We may be detaching ourselves from the people we really care about.


Technology helps and affects communication by making it possible to work or communicate closely with friends and relatives who may even be on the other side of the country or province. It is possible to maintain communications with your loved ones, co-workers, and clients using cell phones and other apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Although the above context is based on two-person traveling, the premise is about verbally communicating with a loved one or a friend. It is recommended always to talk, listen, and be connected physically and mentally instead of using a gadget. On the other hand, Team communication plays an important part in our work, and it is loaded with a lot of expectations both met and unmet. Despite this, team communication offers an answer to the many demands of a dynamic and demanding digital life.

Having effective team communication will lead to a productive and harmonious relationship among members and forms a distinct type of collaboration. Good team communication is highly needed to function at its best. In connection to Team Fusee, I can humbly say that we need a lot of adjustment for us to have the advantage to be effective. Hence, if we want to improve our teamwork, then it is appropriate to address the way we communicate.

What is interesting is that if we work as a team of diverse and brilliant individuals but uncommunicative, we can still achieve effective team communication if we create an open, collaborative, and respectful environment which has always been our top priority. Although psychological safety is not our team goal, it plays a vital role in achieving whatever team goals we want to achieve.

In summary, we all know that technology is essential in our modern world, and it helps us get connected to our friends and loved ones. Especially, if they are far away from us. But if we are close to others, it is highly encouraging for us to engage and not be distracted by gadgets. Hence, genuine listening and healthy conversation can then somehow lead to a strong relationship both in a peer to peer setting or in a team setting.




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