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The 4-hour workweek academic essay

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four-hour workweek
tim ferris
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Timothy Ferriss’s ‘‘The 4-hour workweek’’ is a bestseller book that gives readers step by step guide to have effective lifestyle with freedom, time and multiple options.  


According to Author, the main message in the book is step by step process of joining the new rich lifestyle. Author itself is an entrepreneur, podcast “the tim ferrist show” host and life coach influencer. Early studies by Author show letter combination “DEAL” meaning definition, elimination, automation and liberation. In this text we present summarise of main points in the book.  


The main concept in the book the new rich people. You can achieve newly rich lifestyle by changing our own attitude and an idea of rich people. Recently, Author gave a comprehensive review on how to become newly rich. The greater part thinks that you need well paid job or dominance at workplace to earn money. Money enables freedom, time and options. According to Author only in moderation you need to work to earn, and you don’t need money to have freedom, time and multiple options.  New rich people work descent time, earn just enough and uses their time on things they value. Working time in a week is not relevant if it is a four-hour workweek or six-hour workweek. 


Author mentions the significant relationship between numbers 80 and 20. In the main part number 80 is based on effects and number 20 by causes. The theory is called Pareto’s law and main point is that every single habit has distribution 80/20. For example, store has 100 clients but only 20% of these clients are significantly important because they bring revenue. 80% of these clients are people who comes to your store and might buy something. Author has demonstrated that you should be quided by 80/20 method. On the other hand to become the new rich your work should be done in the 20% of your worktime. 


According to an investigation by Author, relative income trumps absolute income. For example, when you work only 20% of your current working time you will receive 40 000€ per year with only four-hour workweek. In the other hand compare results to 500 000€ per year with 80-hour workweek. Relative income is significantly smaller than four-hour work effort. When you work only four-hour in the week you can use your freedom and do thing that you value. This method becomes the freedom multiplier. Relative income can enable you when, where and with who you do and what you do.   


Further on to be effective the author examines your need Parkinsons law.  Law is based on effort versus time. How it is important to set short deadlines to yourself and people around you. As highlighted by Author, long term deadlines should be chopped to smaller to be effective.  Writer points out two main words, effective and efficient.  You should avoid doing things right and focus on doing the right things. One of the key points to become the new rich is make your attitude effective by doing right things that you value.  


As a conclusion you should become most valuable memember in the team.  Eliminate all unimportant tasks because outsourcing does not make it important. Replace empty and useless tasks and multiply yourself to deadlines, one task at the time.  Author has demonstrated that you should use following pattern: Find out costs per tasks, define result costs per hour. Test and challenge prototype and if it succeeded set various deadlines one task at the time. The following conclusions can be drawn from the author’s book that self- and time management are key elements for success. 


The most obvious finding to emerge from this book is that you need to create unrestricted mobility for yourself.  As an entrepreneur patter is simpler to follow than employee.  The author goes on with an entrepreneur pattern to do your tasks and follow deadlines. The most important thing in the end is to pick up the right business. Business that allows remote working and is easy managble. As an employee you need to increase investment, show increased output, quantify company benefits, suggest revocable trial and expand time spent remotely. Overall make yourself the most valuable employee with benefits. With time you will be remote working on various locations. Mobility is the key element for the new rich lifestyle according to the author.