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Teaching others to live by their brands

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Business For Punks
James Watt
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The Co-founder of Brewdog, James Watt, writes in his book Business for punks that your brand can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to change the world. I think so too. That’s why the topic has fascinated me so much that I even want to do business with it! Finally! 

Me and two other girls of our team Apaja Crew osk, we have started to build our own graphic design and branding service. (I’m so excited) But I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking lately about, what is it that you must understand about branding. I’ve wanted to go deep with it. What is the most important realisation in modern brand building? ’Cause I want to do it real good.

What I have always had in mind, is a ”brand is not just a logo” type of thing. Well thanks to James Watt I see it another way now. Actually we as brand builders are not builders at all. We are influencers. We can’t control it. Brand is owned by the consumers. According to Watt brand is actually an emotional reaction that exists in the heads of people, which we can’t control. 

So what we as future brand builders (hopefully) need to do? We need to teach people to live by their brands. We need to understand that brand is not completely in our hands and influence it the way that people in the business can live it, internally and externally. That’s the only way the brand is going to survive the need of consistency that this world graves for. 

”Today the only way to build a brand is to live a brand” – James Watt. 

So I guess the REAL realisation is that we have to be the ones who create that way of living inside those businesses. 


Any tips for an amateur starting business around this complicated subject?



Abbreviated version in LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lottalehtikevari_james-watt-writes-in-his-book-business-for-activity-6654063188272824320-tI7H



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